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The Most Important Points of Experience a Student Needs to get in their First Year of Study

University education marks an integral part of a learner’s journey towards adulthood. This period comes with lessons, exposure, and new forms of understanding that help students navigate life in school and after. Like any other point of transition, there are things that you need to interact with to make the most out of it. The best way to ensure that you take advantage of all that the first year of study offers is to focus on being wholesome. You will want to attend all of your classes, and while that is admirable, it shouldn’t be your only goal. Ensure you find things that you find and participate in something that will give you an all-rounded personal experience. 

This might include:

Participating in Fresher’s week 

Study resources
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The school has set aside a week for orientation; make sure you take advantage of it. This time is excellent to walk around the school and discover the landscape. This makes it easy to find your classes once learning commences. While it is excellent for those who want to get acquainted with the environment, this week is meant for more. Many activities are designed to entice new students to clubs, social groups, sororities, and many other groups. 

On your first week, you should:

  1. Join a club – yes, this sounds like something you would do in high school, but clubs at the university have more to offer. They are a great place to network and find like-minded people. Since you are likely to know a few people in the first week, this is an excellent way to make new friends. 
  2. Attend parties – this is one of the weeks with non-stop parties. You get to choose which one you want to attend; how long you can stay there without worrying about a reprimand. This gives you a sense of freedom and allows you to define what control means to you. 

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Missing Classes

You are used to showing up for all lessons, and college might feel like a significant adjustment, and rightfully so. Here, there are no teachers to follow-up on why you did not show up for their lecture. As a freshman, the first time you miss class will feel like a betrayal to everyone invested in your education. You might feel guilty for deciding to stay in your room when a class was going on, and that is valid. 

Fortunately, that guilt fades, and you learn that missing one or two lectures for whatever reason that is valid to you is okay. 

Meeting your Best Friends

Meeting best friends
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You are far from home and are missing your friends. Although technology allows you to keep in touch with them as often as you need to, it is impossible to keep them roped in on everything in your life. Your first year of study involves finding new people who make you feel like you are home, even when you are far away. 

Learning more about the world

Yes, you will study different world aspects based on your study areas, but there’s more to it. University exposes students to other cultures, beliefs, understanding, and ideals. This allows you to explore who you are from a different light, and you get to pick qualities from the various elements. 

As you learn to see yourself beyond the home, family, school, and the community you grew up in, you also get to see others in the same way. 


This type of knowledge that students get from their first year of study shapes their career life and future interactions. As such, it is crucial to ensure that you embrace all that it has to offer, albeit cautiously. 

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