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Top 5 Features to Consider When Buying a Bath Cushion for Tub

After a long, busy, and tiresome day of running your daily errands, the only thing you want after getting home in the evening is soaking yourself in your nice bathtub for a long relaxing bath. A bathtub bath leaves your muscles more relaxed and soothes your mind too. However, bathtubs have not been designed to support your head and neck and hence leave them uneasy during a bath, ruining the whole bathtub experience. A solution to this problem would be getting a bath cushion or pillow for your tub. However, how do you select the most suitable one? Read this article to understand the features to look for when buying a bath cushion for your tub.

1. The Type of the Bath Cushion

When you are looking for a bath cushion for tub, the type you select is crucial. The right type will guarantee you everlasting comfort. Several types of bath cushions and pillows come in different shapes and sizes, and the most common include neck and back, standard back, inflatable, and full-body bath cushions. Depending on type and size, these pillows are meant to support your neck only, while others sustain your neck, shoulders, and upper part of your back. The bath cushion that supports a larger part of your body is the best to go for.

2. The Cover Material

When buying a bath cushion or pillow, be keen on its cover material. Select one that is durable, easy to wash and maintain. In addition, choose one with comfortable and waterproof cover material. The most common cover materials for bath cushions are 3D mesh, 4D mesh, vinyl, or PVC. Those made of mesh and fabric are pretty comfortable but hard to wash. However, those whose cover material is vinyl or PVC are waterproof and therefore easily washable.

3. The Type of Tub

Type of tub
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The type of your tub will influence significantly on the bath cushion or pillow that you select. Given that you have a shower tub, Jacuzzi tub, or freestanding tub, the bath cushion you select should suit your particular tub. Therefore, be keen on your bathtub’s shape, depth, and size when selecting a bath pillow.

4. Suction Cups

Suction cups are what help attach the bath pillow to the bathtub. The number of these suction cups depends on the cushion’s size and the type and are usually between 2 and 13 cups—the more the number of suction cups, the better the bath pillow. More suction cups make the bath cushion more stable on the bathtub to avoid sliding and irritating you while you take a bath.

5. The Comfortability

The comfortability of a bath cushion or pillow primarily depends on the shape and fill material in the cushion. There are three types of bath cushions depending on the fill material: inflated, foam-filled, gel-filled, and beads-filled cushions. Foam-filled bath pillows are the most comfortable but also the most expensive. On the other hand, inflated bath pillows are the cheapest but least comfortable. Therefore, depending on your individual needs and budget, choose one that suits you best.

As mentioned earlier, buying a bath cushion for the tub is vital for enhanced bathtub relaxation and everlasting comfort. Therefore, utilize the above tips when you intend to buy one, and you will not regret it.

Featured Photo by: Matthew Henry