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Turn your spare room into a creative space for your kids

A lot of things have changed since I was a child. There is a computer in every household, and it seems every six-year-old has a smartphone or iPad. Like many, I was reluctant to give my children access to all this technology so freely; after all, the internet is unmoderated and unsafe right?

One night as I sat helping my son with his homework, it struck me that some things haven’t changed at all. I believe education is the most important and precious gift you can give your child. And as we searched for pictures of Elephants online, I realized that my children have all the tools to learn and discover their passions right at their fingertips. 

For years our kitchen table had led a double life as a workspace for homework and school projects. This table has seen my eldest daughter peruse her talents as an artist and played host to my son and his friends’ all-night gaming sessions. Why was I relegating my children to the kitchen table?With a little effort, I could turn our spare room into a springboard for their academic and creative pursuits.

Kitchen study table
Photo by Jeff Sheldon on Unsplash

Our spare room suffered from a classic case of extra room syndrome. Unorganized and full of years of report cards, one-use costumes, and other material memories. After a long and arduous clean up, I was ready to transform this unused room into a creative space. 

Surfaces that work

I opted to fit out our spare room with two adjacent office desks, giving the kids the ability to study together (yeah right.) These two office desks give the room flexibility, as one surface can be used for study while the other can be used for drawing or crafts. Office furniture won out over other furniture as I found it was the perfect height for long comfortable study sessions. 

Comfortable seats

Our dining table was made in Croatia and is a beautifully stained oak. The chairs are equally as stunning, with wrought iron backs and ornate headrests. Unfortunately, this translates poorly to sitting and reading a book! My daughter, in particular, complains about sitting on the chairs for too long. So then, if I were to create a comfortable space for them to learn, I would have to find a better alternative to the big heavy wooden dining chairs.

Office furniture again came to my rescue. I found some very comfortable and adjustable office chairs for not much money. These chairs are easy to clean and can be quickly adjusted for different body sizes. Most importantly, my kids can comfortably pursue their education without complaining of sore bottoms. 

Environmental factors

Setting up a comfortable and productive space in your spare room can be as simple as picking some office furniture. There are other subtle changes you can make that will add even more mojo to your room. Consider adding some color as specific colors like blue and orange have shown to increase focus and relieve stress.

With a room full of computers and gadgets come some concerns about air quality. Whether or not electronics have a passive harmful effect remains to be seen, but making sure your space has sufficient airflow is essential. For an extra pinch of calm and purification, consider adding some shade-loving plants. 

Before I decided to revamp my spare room, “homework” was as dreaded a word as “bedtime.” A cramped space is not conducive to learning, and I have discovered just how much of an effect a productive environment can have on your children. With the right furniture, you can change your unused spare room into a space they will want to study in every day.