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When Should Your Toddler Get His First Hair Cut?

Apart from keeping the baby happy, healthy and safe, you need to groom it well. Babies love to play while eating or grabbing their much-loved snacks while watching favourite cartoons. To keep your baby looking good, you can wash, comb and style the hair. With little curls, managing baby hair is easy. However, as the hair grows thicker, it becomes a daunting task. Is it the time to cut baby’s first hair?

Before cutting baby hair, you need the best cartridge razors. It enhances the safety of your baby during the shave. It also offers a cleaner shave. With that in mind, you can schedule for when your toddler should get its first haircut.

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When the Hair Is Course

Even though cutting baby hair is a personal preference for many mums, it is always ideal to cut the hair when it is coarse. Set a magical time frame based on the type of your baby’s hair. If a toddler has long, beautiful, and luscious curls, a cut is recommended sooner. Therefore, pay close attention to the baby’s hair growth patterns and shave when the hair is long, hard to manage, or more curly.

A Birthday Celebration

You can let your toddler have its first haircut during its first birthday celebration. It is an amazing way to make the event more exciting and memorable. This is particularly important if the baby’s hair is long and curly. If the baby has short fine hair, you can just trim it. Therefore, consider the state of your baby’s hair and schedule the right time to shave. It can be the first birthday or the second one.

Consider Gender

Depending on the gender of your toddler, you can cut the baby’s hair early or later on. For a boy, you may consider an early shave say, during his first or second birthday. For a girl, you can let her hair grow until a later date. As long as the girl’s hair is easy to manage, you can shave after a year or so. However, if you chose to keep a baby for shaving at a later date, keep it healthy and well-kempt. This makes your baby more adorable.

Start Small To Decide If It Is the Right Time to Shave

Getting the first haircut can be a stressful experience for the baby. It is a milestone and a transition from being a toddler to a kid. For many parents, this is an emotional event and you survive the experience by starting small. Trim off a smaller amount of hair and watch out for the baby’s reaction.

If the baby is comfortable, you can shave more hair. However, if the baby appears uncomfortable you can avoid cutting the hair until a later date.

Similarly, you may not be comfortable with the whole process. Remember, cutting a baby’s hair is an emotional and cultural experience. In this regard, you need to be at peace with the idea. If you feel you can cut the hair comfortably, go ahead. If you are not sure of your feelings, start by trimming baby hair and after some time, you can extend to a good haircut.


Parenting can make you anxious about everything. When it comes to a baby’s first hair, you need to let everything flow. You can always look at your baby’s hair and determine whether it deserves a cut or not. If the hair is curly, you can cut the hair sooner. It is also imperative that you check on the texture. If you cannot manage or style a baby’s hair with ease, probably it’s time to cut it.

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If you are not sure of whether to cut the first baby’s hair, you can wait until you are ready to get the job done.

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