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Where Can I Bring My Kids for Pizza In New York?

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When I was a kid, pizza was the unofficial food of choice. If it were up to kids, pizza would be served every night of the week—even at birthday parties and school events, where it’s commonplace. 

There are some of the top pizzerias in the world in New York City. The restaurants on this list are not only fantastic places to dine, but they also provide kid-friendly atmospheres and kid-friendly menus. There are several kid-friendly pizza places in New York City, so if you want to treat your kids to pizza, you may as well bring them to one of them. 

1. Chuck E. Cheese’s

This network of entertainment venues in the United States provides good family enjoyment in an open setting. Attractions and electronic games may keep the youngsters occupied for hours at a time. Many customers also admire Chuck E. Cheese’s efficiency because you can check the Chuck E. Cheese prices on their website. There are also a variety of options at Chuck E. Cheese’s in addition to pizza. Remember to save space for dessert as well. 

Connect with friends or buy online while the kids have fun with their pal’s thanks to the free all-day WI-FI. Chuck E. Cheese’s may be found on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

2. Luzzo’s and Luzzo’s BK

The East Village is littered with dollar-slice joints, but this quaint eatery is the only location to get authentic Neapolitan pies. Michele Iuliano, a Naples native who moved to New York City, brought a wealth of pizza-making experience. 

Families will like the old-world design and the lively atmosphere of Luzzo’s, which has a coal-fired oven where youngsters can see the mozzarella-studded pies being baked. New York City’s Luzzo’s BK serves you the same great pizzas in a more laid-back atmosphere. 

3. Roberta’s

Roberta’s grungy industrial setting has molded food in this generation’s minds; this restaurant represents Brooklyn’s cuisine in many ways. For those who arrive early enough, it’s a fantastic spot to bring the family. 

Long tables and bench-style seating provide a warm, family-like atmosphere at the restaurant, adjusting its menu based on seasonal products. The Bushwick site is ideal if you’re looking for something to do with the family, while the two Midtown market hall locations are better for fast bites. 

4. Archie’s Bar and Pizza

This Bushwick pizzeria is known for its fluffy, inch-thick rounds of the Greek variety—think Chicago-style light. Archie’s pizza is baked in a small pan and served by the pie or the slice. Large quarter-pie portions are available for about $4, while a 10-inch pie costs $10.50. A complete bar is open for adults, and the area transforms into a nightlife hotspot long after you and your children have gone to sleep. 

5. Motorino

There’s a pie for everyone at this shabby-chic Neapolitan-style wood-fired pizza business, which started in Williamsburg and has now expanded to the East Village and the Upper West Side. Parents might order the pizza Bianca with shaved Brussels sprouts and pancetta for young children.

At these pizza joints, there’s little question that your kids will have a fantastic time and depart with full tummies. If you’re looking for a kid-friendly pizza joint in New York, you’ll want to check out one of these listings.

Featured Image by marcos vega en Pixabay