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Why Dogs Make Great Family Pets

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Dogs make great family pets, providing limitless amounts of unconditional love and affection, especially when you come home! They are incredible confidantes when you need a listening ear and provide emotional support to all members of the family, kids and adults alike.

And, of course, there’s no shortage of cute pet products to show them your love, too, from collars and bowls to toys and pet accessories. Making them a part of your family is a rewarding and fun experience.

Are you keen to learn more about bringing a puppy pal into your home? Read on! We’ve covered the big reasons why adopting a dog is a great idea. 

Dogs help build strong emotional connections

At the end of a long, hard day, a dog is the perfect companion to return home to. Whether it was a tough day at work, school, or just life itself, your pooch was there, wagging its tail and soothing you with its big puppy dog eyes. They have an amazing ability to sense our stress, emotional turmoil, and happiness—and are right there with us through it all.

It’s not just you who will feel the emotional bond with your pet. Your whole family will feel the love and affection Fido brings home, too. Many people often find they spend more time together as a whole family, taking the dog for walks, playing in the yard, or simply doting on them as they chase those floating bones in their sleep. 

For kids, having a dog can help comfort them when they want to deal with things alone (either by choice or in the naughty corner!). It’s a natural reaction for a child to wrap their arms around a dog (a good reason why finding the right dog for your family is important) and feel the warmth and love they may need, even if they’re not ready to share those emotions with you or the family just yet.

They reignite the fun and adventurous sides of ourselves

Dogs naturally love to get outdoors, yearning for any time they can frolic around the yard, a park, the beach, or wherever you take them. In fact, you’ll find you venture out more to give them exercise and to explore more of the world outside of your home’s four walls.

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Image by Foden Nguyen from Pixabay

The whole family will love getting involved in taking turns walking your dog and ensuring they have enough water and treats. Looking after a dog is actually a great way to help kids learn responsibility and gives us adults a way to have fun playing.

If you’re someone who tends to stick to themselves or be a bit socially awkward, your dog is great for breaking the ice. People flock to dogs just to give them a scratch behind the ear and ask their name. You never know. You may even make some friends to go on puppy playdates with at the local dog park!

They give us great support during hard times

Did you know dogs can hear, see, and smell our emotions, even by the expression on our faces and the tone of our voices? Dogs, in fact, can mimic us, including learning to grin or copy gestures we make. This empathy and sympathy is a way dogs help bond with us, even actively going out of their way to cheer us up.

If you’re having an ‘off’ day, you may find your dog bringing you their favorite toy, sleeping on your feet, or simply spending more time around you. This is your pooch’s way of saying, “I’m with you and you’re not alone.”

You can even give your dog a cuddle or stare into their big round eyes to cheer yourself up. Studies have shown love and attention from our pets can calm us down and make us less anxious, as if we needed another excuse for puppy cuddles!

Dogs are great teachers 

Dogs are incredible teachers, especially for children. Firstly, there is the responsibility and empathy kids learn from looking after a pet. Giving your kids tasks for caring for your pooch, like feeding, grooming, or ensuring they have enough water each day, helps your child learn to care for others.

Your dog can also help teach your child empathy. While playing and caring for your dog, your child will start to learn what your dog does and does not like, whether it’s patting them too hard, not liking certain toys, or even loud noises. As they learn, they’ll start to adapt their behavior to make your dog happy. These are crucial skills they can take into the schoolyard and other social places.

It’s not just what our dog gives us that makes them a great family pet. Their simple presence in the home is enough to make you love having them around and miss them when you’re away. If there’s a pup-sized hole in your life, it may be time to fill it with a bundle of furry joy.

Featured Image by Michelle Raponi from Pixabay