Storing bulk food the (easy? cheap? green?) way

The following post is from Katie of Kitchen Stewardship: Buying food in bulk and preserving from your garden and farmer’s markets is as an awesome way to save money and capture maximum nutrition, but there’s even one more reason to love those frugal habits: they reduce waste and help save the earth, too. A 25-pound […]

Giveaway: SodaStream Source Starter Kit

This week I’m sharing four Mother’s Day gift ideas and giveaways. Here’s the second: This giveaway is now closed! The winner is Angel (Ampetit09@…)! Sodastream soda makers aren’t new, but this new sleek designs is! SodaStream partnered with designer Yves Behar to re-examine every element of the SodaStream soda maker, including the user interface, the […]

Inspiration & Tips for Your Thanksgiving Meal

Between the 101 Days of Christmas series and Jackson’s arrival, I haven’t posted much about Thanksgiving this year, but there are quite a few posts in the archives to help you organize and simplify your celebration and to inspire your menu: Reminder: Download the 2013 Thanksgiving Planner to organize your menu, shopping list, traditions and […]

Save Time & Money with the Kitchen Essentials eBook Bundle {}

From meal planning and freezer cooking to organizing your kitchen and preparing your own mixes ahead of time, this week’s bundle will help you save time and money in the kitchen. Discover new recipes, time- and money-saving strategies, and more so that you can enjoy preparing dinner for your family rather than dreading the dinner […]

Does Your Child Have a Hidden Dairy Intolerance?

Since conception, I’ve prayed that my kids wouldn’t have the same struggles with food that I do. Not that life, and food for that matter, can’t be fully enjoyable on a restricted diet. But, it’s something I would have preferred pass over them. Because I have a problem with wheat, we elected to keep our […]

Make Going Gluten-Free Simple

The following post is from Amy of Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free: My neighbor recently shared that she was thinking about going gluten-free because of her son’s eczema. While in the process of researching her options, she got overwhelmed and decided it wasn’t for her. She said the food is more expensive, she doesn’t do well […]

Giveaway: Ball FreshTECH Automatic Jam and Jelly Maker

This giveaway is now closed! The winner is Joey (Joeycanwin@…)! You know I’m picky about the small appliances I keep in my home, but this easy set-it-and-forget-it jam and jelly maker was just so tempting that I had to try it! I love the idea of being able to quickly and easily use up fresh […]

On Life Without a Microwave

My sister was shocked when she realized we no longer have a microwave…and that we chose to get rid of it and aren’t planning on replacing it! “But…why?!” Although I’ve read a fair amount about the dangers of microwaves — and at times have wondered if the very aggressive cancer that took my grandmother suddenly […]