My Secret Blogging Weapon: The Blog Break

Burnout is a slow process. It doesn’t happen overnight; it happens one blog post, one stressful day, one hurtful comment, one moment at a time. It happens to writers and creatives and entrepreneurs. And it can kill a blog, a business, even a family.

How to Start Working from Home with Babies and Children

The following guest post is from Sarah Parsons of Starting a new business or stay at home work venture at any time can be a daunting task. Add in a new baby and/or small children, and you have taken daunting to a whole new level. Give yourself permission to learn as you go — […]

Deciding Where to Sell Your eBook {From Idea to eBook}

Once you write an ebook, how do you decide where you want to sell it? Should you make it available for sale on your website or list it exclusively with Amazon? How exactly do you sell an ebook on Amazon anyway? In Module 6, we’re talking about the different formats and outlets available for selling […]

The Importance of Good Design {From Idea to eBook}

After spending a few week on high-level topics like choosing a topic and exceeding expectations, we’re getting into the nitty gritty of creating an ebook, and while writing and editing (which we covered last week) are among the most important aspects of publishing an ebook, design is pretty high up on the list as well! […]

Outlining, Writing & Editing {From Idea to eBook}

In some ways, coming up with an ebook topic, hiring an editor and designer, deciding on formats, and marketing your ebook are the easy parts…writing is the part that takes the longest, is easiest to put off and is really the most important! In Module 4, we’re talking about the writing process, including: The importance […]

Not Just “Good Enough” {From Idea to eBook}

There are a lot of areas in life where “good enough is enough” and it’s important to let go of the idea of perfection. While it’s important not to let perfection paralysis stop you from getting your ebook published, it’s also important not to just throw content together quickly with the hope of making a […]

Deciding What to Write About {From Idea to eBook}

For many people, actually writing enough words to fill an ebook isn’t the issue; choosing a topic that they want to write about and will sell well is. Although I’m always kind of thinking about potential ebook topics, blog series and business ideas, I don’t often sit down and try to force myself to come […]

Why Write eBooks? {From Idea to eBook}

In 2008, Shaina, Tara and I published our first ebook, Transcription 101, which we wrote from our combined 10+ years of transcription experience. The market was completely different at that time, and while I’d love to tell you that that ebook was so wildly successful that I couldn’t resist writing more, that unfortunately was not […]

Social Media Should Feed Your Soul

All kinds of things can be said about social media — good, bad and in-between. It’s true that social media has enabled affairs that might not have otherwise happened, has made cyber bullying a very real concern for children in the new millennium and causes people to compare their lives to others and embrace discontent, […]