Inspiration for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners {Free Printable!}

The following post is from Jason & Jennifer Bruce of New Season Design: As a small business owner, I occasionally find myself discouraged. I question why I’m doing certain things or wonder why a particular idea isn’t working. There are some times when I’d prefer to just throw in the towel. Often when this happens, […]

How to Work Smart, Not Hard

The following post is from Katie of Making This Home and Gadanke: I’m six months into this work at home mom gig, though I’ve worked from home for a few years. “Home” to me is an airplane hangar on a small but active runway. I can’t just hide in a basement and crank out my work […]

Is This the Best Blogging Tool Since WordPress Itself?

If you’re not a blogger, you’re probably going to want to skip right past this post (and I don’t blame you one bit!), but this was too good not to share with my fellow bloggers! Have you seen the buzz about CoSchedule, the integrated editorial and social media calendar for your blog? A friend mentioned […]

Charge What You’re Worth

The following post is from Katie of Making This Home and Gadanke: Out here in rural Montana, there are some incredible artists and craftsmen trying to make a living. They’re painting Montana scenes on mugs and ornaments, incorporating antlers into tasteful (and not so attractive!) pieces, and hand building jewelry with local sapphires or fabulous beads […]

My Secret Blogging Weapon: The Blog Break

Burnout is a slow process. It doesn’t happen overnight; it happens one blog post, one stressful day, one hurtful comment, one moment at a time. It happens to writers and creatives and entrepreneurs. And it can kill a blog, a business, even a family.