Anatomy of a tiny {closet-sized} home office


In the 6 years since Sean sold his last business to become a stay-at-home dad (a season that is sadly ending as he launches a new interior paint & trim business), we’ve tried several different office set ups—from various setups in the loft to working on the couch or at the breakfast bar downstairs. Although each […]

Easy editorial calendar planning for bloggers

Easy editorial calendar planning for bloggers

I don’t talk a lot about blogging, but I do share a few tips here and there, so if you’re not a blogger, this is one of those posts you may want to skip! For those of you who do blog, this one tip has made the biggest difference in my life and my blog […]

Take time for non-work things

moms take time for non-work activities

The following post is from Katie of Making This Home and Gadanke: I laid my baby boy in his crib for the night and tucked his blanket around him. “Perfect,” I thought. “I’ve got at least an hour with which I can work before I need to hop into bed myself.” I raced to my computer […]