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4 Remodeling Ideas to Consider for Your Living Room

As per a new Trulia survey, 27% of American homeowners want to renovate the living area. Your living room is perhaps your home’s most-used space, typically used for gathering, entertainment, relaxation, and quality family time. Therefore, your living room must remain in top shape at all times to keep your home’s interior looking great and potentially realize a higher return on investment when selling. Are you searching for great remodeling ideas to transform your living room? Then consider the following points.

1. Expansion

Living Room
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Living rooms were initially designed to be tight and compact to boost energy conservation. However, the mid-20th century’s open floor plan movement and modern demands for increased space necessitate larger living rooms. So, consider expanding your living room area to make your family’s space more comfortable for everyone. If there are rooms around your living room that you don’t mind sacrificing, consider hiring an experienced contractor to remove an interior non-load bearing wall and expand your living room. Besides being more comfortable to be in, expanded living room spaces make your home more attractive to modern-day buyers who are increasingly insistent on large living rooms.

2. Replace flooring

Outdated floors can rob your living room space of its full aesthetic potential. With many homeowners opting for fancy furniture, high-tech smart home features, and proper interior design around the home, old floors can quickly stand out as odd in an otherwise perfect home environment. Getting a respected flooring company to install new floors is the best option versus trying to install yourself. Experts commonly recommend style, durability, comfort, and air quality as the major factors to consider when choosing your new flooring. It is also crucial to avoid cheap flooring materials, allow the appropriate renovation timelines, and choose the best flooring material for your living room space. As such, consider replacing your living room floors with good options like solid wood flooring to improve your living room’s look.

3. Replace or touch up your front door

Multiple experts agree that front door renovations are good living room remodel projects to undertake. Replacing or refreshing your front door kills two birds with one stone; you get to improve your home’s exterior curb appeal while adding some sparkle to your living room space. The choice of replacing or touching up your front door depends on factors like the door’s current condition and your personal preferences, so make a choice depending on what works best for you. Front door upgrades require little time, effort, and cost, so consider upgrading your front door to improve your living space.

4. Add a splash of color

Paint colors
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It is common knowledge that color breathes new life into any surface you apply it on. Therefore, since your living room is the go-to mutual space for the family, prioritize a perfect color scheme in this particular home area. Painting your living room space is cost-effective and easy to do, so you can even save money and time by doing it yourself. Additionally, painting your living room space can earn you more money if you decide to sell your house later. According to a 2012 HomeGain survey, the return on investment for an interior paint job is a whopping 107%! Consequently, consider painting your living room as a proper investment to beautify your home and increase its value.

Featured Photo by Jimmy Dean on Unsplash