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5 Gemstones That Are Perfect for Your Engagement Ring

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Once you think about making your relationship official, then begin the journey of planning a proposal. While deciding on the day, date, venue, etc., takes a lot of effort. The most challenging question is – how to choose an engagement ring. There is no simple answer to this. You have to look at the style, design, and more; however, it is the gemstone (the focal point of your ring) that needs significant attention.

But worry not! We’ve rounded up five glamorous gemstones that will woo you and make the perfect jewel for your engagement ring. Keep scrolling…

1. Diamond

No list of best gemstones could begin without mentioning the timeless and long-lasting diamond. It is sure to dazzle you with its unparalleled brilliance and sparkle. Plus, it is the hardest natural creation (10 on Mohs scale), meaning it is sure to withstand the test of time, just like your bond of love. We say it is undoubtedly a stunning way to remember your life-altering moment daily. Agree?

2. Ruby

If you are that person who wouldn’t mind a dash of boldness to your ring, then ruby is the gem for you. It is a prominent member of the world’s top four gems and has enchanted one and all with its vibrant beauty. Plus, it symbolizes love, passion, and desire, which makes it a suitable choice. No points in guessing that when it comes to matters of the heart, this “King of Gems” definitely reigns supreme. 

3. Blue Sapphire

Next up is the most popular and cherished member of the sapphire family – the blue sapphire. This jewel has people swooning over its luxurious allure and beaming blue hue from the time of its discovery. The fact that it is the second hardest mineral on earth indicates that it is equal parts stunning and strong. That’s not all; this beautiful gem is favored by the royals as well. Need any more reasons?

4. Amethyst 

Gracing our list next is this spectacular and captivating purple rock, the magical amethyst. This mesmerizing gem is loved and appreciated by all for its gorgeous appeal and vivid charm. One of the many benefits of amethyst is protection from negative energy, harmful thoughts, stress, and anxiety.  Additionally, it is said that St. Valentine himself wore a ring adorned with this gem engraved with a cupid. This earned amethyst the honor of representing true love, further making it an excellent engagement ring option.

5. Tanzanite

Lastly, we present to you tanzanite, the exotic gemstone stealing hearts since its discovery in the late 1900s. This African treasure is named after Tanzania, its only place of origin, called the “Gem of a century.” The extraordinary hue, exciting history, and rarity have made tanzanite an extremely sought-after gem. Who needs any more reasons to go for this gorgeous treat?

Armed with these glorious gem options, we are sure that picking your perfect engagement ring is now relatively easy.

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