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6 Best Easy Home Upgrades to Boost Real Estate Value

Often, when you consider ways to raise the value of your property, you envision big, costly projects like landscaping the yard or roof replacement. However, when it’s time to market, you can improve several parts of your home that add up to a higher price point. 

Although a whole house makeover can increase the value of your house, there are other ways to modernize your property without breaking the bank or depleting your savings. Although they won’t need you to break the bank, renovations like painting, power washing the exterior, and hardwood flooring can significantly increase your home’s worth, according to Mark Brower Properties team.

Adding aesthetic and structural interest, increasing energy efficiency, and using color to create a welcoming atmosphere are excellent upgrade ideas. This article offers upgrades to your home’s value without any main renovation, so check it out if you want to take on some easy home improvement projects.

Upgrade Fixtures

Doorknobs, light bulbs, curtain rods, switch plates, and electrical socket covers are frequently unappealing or disregarded. However, you can add abundant flair for a small investment. Although you can purchase them for as little as $5 each, captivating metal outlet covers and switch plates look substantially costly. 

Although decorative drapery rods and lighting fixtures can be a bit more expensive, you can occasionally use a can of spray paint to give an inexpensive one an elegant appearance. Moreover, if you intend to sell, ensure you choose items with finishes and highlights that appeal to a wide range of buyers.

Invest in Flooring

Fixing flooring or upgrading carpet is an excellent improvement many homeowners consider. To create a cohesive feel across your home, you might consider investing in new flooring if you have numerous rooms with different types of flooring. Although faux-wood floors or reclaimed hardwood flooring can be more expensive, they are better than carpeting. 

Even if you can’t upgrade to wood flooring, fresh carpeting remains a significant selling factor. Similar to painting walls, an excellent neutral hue is best.

Enhance Curb’s Appeal

First impressions matter. Improving your home’s exterior can be as easy as giving the siding a good cleaning or as challenging as building a new walkway. However, it need not be costly to be efficient.

A new front door installation is a quick and affordable way to make an excellent visual impact on your home. According to the Cost vs. Value Report, replacing the entrance door is one of the best home upgrades you can make.

For an elegant appearance, mulch the area around trees and bushes after pruning the shrubs. Use pots of flowers or a flowerbed to add a splash of color.

Wipe off years of grime accumulation from the siding of your house. Retouch any worn-out area.

As with most things on this list, moderation is key. Creating an outdoor paradise is lovely, but it won’t increase the potential price buyers might be willing to pay. All you need to increase the wow factor is a well-trimmed lawn, strategically placed trees, and lush greenery.

Upgrade Your Lighting Fixtures

Living room Chandeliers
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Have you had your light fittings for many years? Therefore, you must remove those lights, unscrew them, and install more elegant ones. 

Modern lighting fixtures don’t have to be elaborate. Purchase a lovely hanging light for your cooking space or a more contemporary-looking chandelier for your dining area. It increases your home’s curb appeal and may also result in energy cost savings for a prospective buyer. It’s time to make the possibilities visible.

Remember to match the colors of the chandeliers, pendant lights, and ceiling lights you choose with the hardware in your house. You wouldn’t want to combine gold and silver tones, but you could mix metals like copper and greased bronze or brushed nickel and chrome finish.

Remodel Your Kitchen 

Since the kitchen is the core of a home and a focal point for social gatherings with family and friends, it is ideal for renovation projects. Buyers are very conscious of a property’s design, usability, and visual appeal when evaluating it. 

Remodeling your kitchen with the help of a Calgary kitchen renovations contractor can create an area that delights buyers and distinguishes your home from others on the housing market while boosting your home’s worth. 

Replacing outdated appliances is a crucial component of any kitchen renovation. Contemporary, energy-efficient gadgets that improve overall appearance and provide ease and the possibility of energy savings appeal to buyers.

Another crucial component to consider when remodeling your kitchen is the cabinetry. Older or damaged cabinets can make the room seem neglected, reducing the home’s appeal. Consider swapping outdated cabinets for brand-new ones with superior construction, fashionable styles, and sufficient storage space.

Another essential remodel component with a significant impact on a house’s sale is a countertop. Elegant, stylish, and long-lasting surfaces that require little upkeep attract customers. Popular options for countertops are granite, quartz, and marble, which provide practicality and a stunning appearance.

Incorporate Energy-Efficient Upgrades

Homeowners value energy-efficient upgrades because they can lower utility bills and encourage a sustainable environment. These improvements increase a home’s appeal in numerous ways. 

Energy-saving upgrades (like solar panel installation, energy-efficient window installation, or new insulation) flaunt the home’s modern design and progressive mindset. 

Energy-efficient buildings attract homeowners because they can lower their environmental impact and save money on energy costs.

Additionally, a homeowner benefits from upgrades that boost a home’s general convenience, efficiency, and living standards. HVAC systems, well-insulated walls, and energy-efficient appliances produce a more reliable and cozier indoor environment, increasing customer satisfaction. 

A commitment to reduced energy costs and a more comfortable living space can support an improved home’s value.

Making the Right Home Upgrades to Boost Sale Value

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Take a moment to consider your home necessities before you make too many minor cosmetic changes. Are all of the large fixtures operational? 

Homeowners expect some things like a secure, habitable, and well-maintained home. Put another way, if you’re considering remodeling your kitchen but your roof leaks, you should take care of the roof problems before making any updates.

In addition, while you’re at it, resist the urge to embark on expensive projects that are purely decorative, such as the backyard koi pond and water feature of your dreams. You cannot receive a refund for those kinds of additions.

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