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9 Ways to Use a Throw in Your Home

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I love blankets and throws, and because we keep our home so cold in the winter, we have quite a few throughout our home. We use throws as part of our decor throughout the year, but now that winter is approaching, you’ll find more of them folded and stacked in corners or on the couch, so they’re ready when we want to cuddle underneath them to stay warm.

When my husband and I first had the idea to create a gallery of ways to use a throw, I wasn’t sure we were going to be able to come up with nine ideas. But as we started looking, we ended up finding even more that I didn’t include here. Of all of them, I have to say my favorite is the wool throw used on a dining room table, and we’re also thinking about adding something similar to our picnic table for the fall and winter!

1. Draped over a corner of the bed (via Macy’s).

A throw draped over a corner of a guest bed is very inviting. Have a special throw for each child draped over their bed. Makes a nice cozy blanket for their afternoon nap.

2. Folded over the back of a chair (via West Elm)

I enjoy using a throw even in the summertime when watching TV in the evening.

3. On a blanket rack (via

A blanket rack is an excellent place to display and keep your throws.

4. Draped over part of the couch (via Amazon)

Keep a throw on the couch to show off a homemade throw.

5. As a tablecloth or runner (via

Using a throw as a tablecloth brings texture and color to a special occasion.

6. Rolled up in a basket (via Ideal Home)

Placing rolled throws in a basket is a great way to store them and have them available without going through the bins under the bed.

7. Over the back of the couch (via House Beautiful)

A great way to protect the couch.

8. Draped over a chair (via Amazon)

A great way to protect your furniture’s upholstery, especially if it is leather.

9. Folded across the end of the bed (via West Elm)

It is ready for that quick power nap if you can squeeze one in your busy day!

How do you use throws in your home?

Featured Photo by Stephanie Harvey on Unsplash