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At Home Careers Vs Professional Careers – Which is Best?

Let’s say you take up a profession, like accountancy or a graphic designer. You have a choice. You can work from home as a freelancer or work for a company and earn a set wage. If you have a choice, then there is a lot to consider. This article focuses on the top reasons for, and top reasons against, careers working from home and working for a company. If you have a marketable skill and have the chance to work from home or work for a company, consider the following before deciding.

Professional Career Advantage – The Money is Far Better

There are probably hundreds of strong advantages to taking a professional career over a home-based career. And even though they are all valid advantages, the fact is that a regular wage is fantastic, and getting paid a fair wage is brilliant. Careers when you work from home, there is no saying when you will be paid, who will let you down, and how much you will be paid from month to month. When you work from home, you experience a lot of freedom, but it often comes at the cost of good money. You often have to work a lot harder when you work for yourself, whereas when you work for a company and take up a professional career, you get a good wage that is regular and reliable. 

Income is a consideration
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Professional Career Disadvantage – You Have to Work With Certain People

Some professional careers and jobs are fantastic because of the people you work with. It is true that some people in this world make working a job far more enjoyable. Sometimes it is your boss or manager, or even your team, but often it is one or two people who just make the day better. However, the opposite is also true. Some people in a work environment make your life worse. Sometimes they are a boss, which is awful, but more often than not, it is a co-worker. Sometimes the co-worker is an annoying sycophantic, or somebody who bullies you or somebody who keeps coming onto you, and sometimes it is a Karen who is somehow able to suck the energy out of a room.

Home Career Advantage – You Can Self-Direct Your Progress

Let’s say that you decide you want to make news videos for the Daily Wire, and they promise you a tidy sum for every successful video. You may start with movie news content, but you switch to local news animations when it doesn’t gain traction. Working from home and under your own guidance, you can step away from your live-action videos and take a graphic design course to shore up your animated video skills. If you were working for a company, you wouldn’t have the freedom to change direction or the freedom to change your role within the company. 

Home Career Downside – Motivation is a Massive Problem

Being self-motivated
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Self-motivation is far more difficult at home. Some suggest this is because the comforts of home are distracting, and others suggest we fall into a rut that is harder to get out of when we work from home. Some suggest that the lack of a schedule is to blame, and others think we enter a form of grinding depression when we work from home where the same repetitive tasks each day soak up our motivation to continue. In truth, there is no single reason why careers working from home and/or being self-employed is so difficult. It is a combination of many reasons you cannot maintain your motivation when working from home. Many of the reasons are cumulative, which is often why people say they are burned out after just five or six months working from home. When it comes to working from home, personal motivation is a very big problem.

Conclusion – Working for a Company is Better

There is a reason why most businesses fail, there is a reason why most freelancers fail, and why most home-workers end up finding a job. Working from home is very hard work. It is poorly paid, and maintaining your motivation is very difficult. However, do not be disheartened because careers working from home is a very good safety net.

Let’s say you have a skill such as programming, web design, video editing, proofreading, etc. It has to be a skill that you could do from home as a freelancer or could do as a job for a company. If this is the case, your ability to work from home gives you a lot of leverage. Let’s say you are working for a company and they are haggling hard for your wage increase, or they are putting extra pressure on you without paying, then you always have the option of leaving and working at home.

Careers working from home may not be the best option, but your willingness to work from home gives you a lot of leverage when working for a company. The fact you can work as a freelancer means you can be a little more aggressive in wage negotiations and perhaps be a little bolder in work than you would normally be. Your ability to work from home can be your ace in the hole, your secret weapon, that allows you to enjoy your job a little more, all with the knowledge you have a backup plan for if things go sideways.