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Business Casual for Today’s Woman

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When “business casual” is applied to men in the workplace, it typically translates to a collared shirt or clean t-shirt, a belt, and a nice fitting pair of jeans. When it comes to women, business casual can be a bit more difficult to navigate. The options tend to be a bit more convoluted. It might avoid or include things like slacks, jeans, skirts, dresses, and the list goes on.

Here’s a quick look at some of the items that might be included in a business casual outfit for today’s woman.

What Exactly Is Business Casual?

Once you’ve got a good understanding of the meaning of business casual attire at your place of employment, you need to invest in a few basics or even rework a bit of the wardrobe you already have. The days of investing in a closet full of power suits before starting a job are long gone. 

Business Casual 

If you’re able to wear jeans, you’ll want to choose more tailored styles and likely save your ripped styles for the weekend. If you’re in your mid-30s, your style might include a nice blouse with a blazer or cardigan with your jeans. This can look quite professional and sharp. For a look that’s just a bit more professional, you might want to go with a pair of black jeans that look like black slacks. For a more fun, business casual look, pair a pair of leopard leggings with a classic blazer or solid top and flats for a trendy take on business casual. 

Business Casual Tops

If you want to present your best self, include a V-neck leopard print casual tunic, a top with a bow tie neck, a chiffon blouse, or a light crewneck sweater in your business casual wardrobe. 

Even when it comes to business casual attire, it’s important to remember to dress for the job that you want. Business casual is essentially a game of tops. Remember that if you wear the same pants to work on a daily basis, the fashionista in the office will notice. You can use your nice t-shirts, sweaters, blouses, and tops to give it a bit of variation. If you throw in a scarf or necklace on various days, you’ll have a complete arsenal of these outfits to wear.

Business Casual Shoes

Every woman’s closet should be full of shoes. The ones you can use for business casual wear include your ballet flats, a wedge pump, your high-top boots, and even a pair of nice slip-on sneakers. Remember that a critical part of any outfit is the shoes.

Anyone who’s ever gone from heels to sneakers while wearing the same pair of jeans knows exactly how transforming various footwear truly is. When you’re selecting shoes for a work atmosphere, ask yourself exactly how casual it essentially is. If it happens to be sort of middle of the road, choosing a pair of flats will be the best for both professionalism and comfort while you’re at work. 

Even if you work in an office that’s totally cool with sneakers, it’s never a good idea to wear your dusty old trail running sneakers. It’s a good thing we live in a world at the very height of athleisure. Nearly every company from Nike to Zara makes comfortable, fashion-forward sneakers these days.

Keep In Mind

The guidelines for a business casual dress code can be a bit daunting at first for a female in today’s workplace. Just keep in mind that, whether you’re into houndstooth jackets, insect covered skirts, or brightly covered cardigans, you’ll be able to create the ideal business casual look for your personality and style.