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Various Uses of Cork Tiles for Moms

If you are a DIY fanatic, you know how fun it is to create new and fun things using things around you. Some of the things that are perfect for crafting are the glue gun, cork tiles, push pins, paint, and fabric. One of the most convenient and effective yet inexpensive tools for DIYs is cork. It is effortless to work with whether you are interested in creating wall decor or wall art. Cork is your way to go.

As a mom, it is good to have a hobby that you can do during your spare time. Motherhood should not all be work without play. You need to do the things you love from time to time and explore your creativity. This will help you rejuvenate and be a more active mother to your kids and also one who is fun to be around. Below are some of the uses of cork tiles for crafting or DIY, as you would want to call it.

Unique wall art

If you feel that your wall is overly bare and you would want to create DIY wall art, then consider some cork tile. You can shape cork tiles and color them to match your other decor at your space. You can do the simple work of drawing shapes on the cork tile and spraying it with colors. A spray color is best if you want a one-color decor on your wall. However, if you are painting different designs, you might want to use acrylics on your wall.

Office decor


This is the other use of cork tiles that you can consider at your office. You can hang the cork tiles on the walls of your office to give it a beautiful wall decor. You can also attach the tiles and cover them with a beautiful fabric that matches the decor of the office. You can make a dry-erase board and bulletin memo board using the cork. Here you can hang notes and phone numbers.

You can also use the cork tiles on your wall to serve as an inspiration board to hand on inspiring quotes or notes to colleagues. Use some bright-colored pins and other wall accessories so that it looks fun and innovative. You can also use cork tiles in many different ways at home, like pinning some tasks on the wall or rules for the household to follow.

Jewelry organization

You may find that you have lots of jewelry in your closet with no proper organization. This makes finding a particular piece of jewelry a confusing and challenging job. You can use cork to display the jewelry, and it will get more comfortable for you to pick any that you want to wear.

To do this, you can fix some cork tiles on the wall near your closet. Cover them with a clean fabric and stick it on with a hot glue gun. Next, find some pins and stick your jewelry there. This way, you can easily find your favorite jewelry, and you may find that your jewelry becomes an art in itself.

Personalized gift

Have you thought so hard on what you are going to gift a close friend or a family member? If that is you, then you are in the right place. You can gift them a sentimental gift using some cork tiles. Carefully choose some four-by-four cork tiles, some sentimental pictures, and mod podge.

Find some beautiful photos about you or some precious moments that you had with that particular person. Paint these photos on the cork tiles using a foam brush and let them dry overnight. When dry, wrap them beautifully and present your gift to your loved one; they will always remember it. You can also redesign the cork tiles to fit any decor and present a gift that matches the decor of the kitchen of your target loved one.

Sassy headboard

When shopping around for a classy and sassy headboard, you may have noticed that you are not getting what you want. You may also find that the headboards are somewhat similar to one another, and considering that you want a unique one, why don’t you consider making one for yourself.

Using some foam, cork tiles, and fabric, you can come up with a very funky headboard personalized for you. It will be easier for you to use the 12 by 12 tiles for this project. Buy some foam and find some fabric. Cut the fabric one inch longer on each side of the cork tiles that you want to hang.

Now you can attach the fabric using a hot glue gun. Once you have assembled all your tiles, attach them to the wall behind your bed and trust me, you will love the outcome. It would be unique to you, especially if you designed it according to your style.

It doesn’t require you lots of time or money for crafting to be fun. Just use cork tiles and a glue gun, and you will be amazed at how much you can create.

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