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Skeleton key ornaments {101 Days of Christmas}

I wish I’d posted this idea yesterday just to be “punny,” but I, unfortunately, didn’t even think of that until this moment!

I love skeleton keys, and we bought a set from Pottery Barn several years ago for my office. But as we’ve been redoing the loft to serve as a homeschool room/office/library, it’s been clear that I need to reduce as much clutter as possible to keep us from feeling visually overwhelmed.

These keys are too much fun to simply give away or relegate to a box, so I decided to add ribbons and turn them into ornaments instead.

They are simple and elegant, and I think they’d make a great substitute for the pinecones we usually hang as a “base” for all of our sentimental ornaments (along with red and gold balls).

It would be a little silly to write an actual tutorial for this, don’t you think?

Grab some keys (here are some that are slightly smaller than the ones we have), tie ribbon or twine or wire around them to make a loop and a bow, and hang them on the tree. Voila!

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