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101 Days of Christmas: Easy 1-Cut Paper Stars

These paper stars are like paper snowflakes…only easier! You can make dozens of these in just minutes with just one snip for each star. Decorate your windows, hang them on the tree or use them for a variety of other holiday crafts.

How to Make Easy 1-Cut Paper Stars {101 Days of Christmas at}

The pictures may be more helpful than the written directions alone, but here’s a little more detail on how these are done:


  • rectangular paper in various colors and sizes
  • scissors


Fold a piece of paper in half on the longest side. Mark the center of the folded edge.

Fold the left side toward the right side at an angle (using the crease from step 1 as your center point) until the top corner is lined up with the center of the right side.

Fold that flap back in the opposite direction — lining up the edges — so you now have three layers on the left side.

Repeat with the right side, folding it tightly across the flaps you’ve already created.

Create one last fold by bringing the top flap back across itself to give you a total of 5 layers.

Cut a straight line from the corner of the top flap up toward the point. The sharper your angle, your star will be skinnier and more pointed. There you have it – 1-cut paper stars.

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