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Fun Gift Ideas for Spring and Summer Birthdays

Do you have a friend or loved one celebrating a birthday over spring or summer? If you’re stuck for fun gift ideas, here are some great out-of-the-box presents guaranteed to ‘wow.’ The warmer weather is the perfect time to give presents for summer activities, such as hiking, camping, and lazy days at the beach. Longer days mean outdoor adventures, entertainment, and sports. Brighter colors, lighter woods, and abstract patterns replace the darker tones of winter decorating. Here are some fun gift ideas for spring and summer birthdays.

For those who live by the beach 

If your loved one lives by the beach, they likely have enough beach towels to last them a lifetime, but what do they have for shade? A beach shelter is a perfect gift for a friend who spends their summer on the sand. Things to think about when choosing a shelter are:

  • Easy to erect: particularly if they won’t have someone to help them put it up. 
  • The area of shade: the size you buy will depend on whether they will use it for themselves or a family. You want to gift them a shelter that will cover everyone! 
  • Whether it’s UV rated: this offers ultimate protection from dangerous rays.

Another clever gift idea for the beach is a collapsible wagon or trolley for schlepping all their gear to the sand. A wagon saves multiple trips to the car to grab equipment, and if you get one that’s big enough, you can even squeeze in a toddler or two! 

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For budding master chefs

If you’re buying a spring gift for a friend who loves the kitchen, you can’t go past some culinary herbs they can plant in a sunny spot and enjoy in their cooking. Complement it with spice containers with custom labels and a recipe book of spice mixes for delicious meals all season long. With the warm weather comes outdoor entertaining – a brightly colored set of tumblers or plates in funky patterns or an insulated picnic set are other gift ideas they’ll love. 

For fashionistas

Spring is a great chance to gift new accessories in pastels and pretty prints for the fashion-forward friend – think earrings, bags, and lightweight scarves. Beauty-conscious loved ones will appreciate moisturizers with high-SPF-rated sunscreen to protect their skin as the days heat up.  

For outdoor adventurers

A summer birthday is a perfect opportunity to gift those who enjoy more adventurous outdoor pursuits a unique present they can use while they’re out in nature. Utensils fashioned as multi-functional tools (a Swiss army knife for your cutlery), foldable solar-powered chargers, and portable hammocks all make fun gifts for camping enthusiasts. If they love taking photos on their trips, a framed picture or canvas of their favorite spot is a great way to bring the outside into their home.

For those who love homewares

If you’re buying a gift for an interior design devotee, spring is a great time to bring in a new color palette for the warmer weather. Florals, brighter colors, and lighter fabrics, such as linen, all herald spring. Unconventional vases, cushions with abstract patterns, and fruity accessories are the perfect choice for a friend who loves decorating. Think about matching the color palette to their existing decor, bringing in splashes of color and paler tones. Light wood is an excellent choice for summer as it will keep their house fresh.

For kids 

An outdoor experience is a brilliant choice for kids with spring or summer birthdays to break the winter cabin fever. A trip to a zoo, waterpark, or theme park makes for an exciting gift, or buy them a season pass to keep the fun going all through summer.

A water play tower will keep toddlers and preschoolers entertained for hours for warm-weather fun at home. School-aged kids will love to sleep under the stars with a sleeping bag and tent so they can camp out in the backyard. 

With new sunglasses, full-length swimwear, and broad-brimmed hats in bright colors, keep them safe from the sun.

kids party
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For hard-to-buy loved ones

If you’re stuck trying to come up with a gift for the person who seems to have everything, consider a flower delivery subscription. Nothing says spring like a beautiful bunch of fresh blooms. If they have a garden, you can go one step further and send tulip bulbs or a bird feeder to encourage feathered friends to visit. Help them keep hydrated with a smart drink bottle that records water intake in real-time, or buy them an insulated water jug for keeping cool at the pool, park, or beach. Stuck for a gift for your partner, brother, or male friend? Spring is the time for barbecues, so a new grill accessory set, apron, and utensils will make their day. Get a beautiful spring wreath to go on the front door that they can enjoy every time they enter the house.

Whether you are buying presents for this spring or summer, it’s easy to find something fun and off-beat to give them. Use these tips to spark your imagination, and it won’t be hard to choose a gift that’s sure to impress.

Featured Image by Thomas B. from Pixabay