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Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay

Here Is Why You Need A New Pair of Sunglasses for Holiday In 2020

When we are on holiday, we want to look as good as we can. However, we do not want to waste our precious family time dealing with our usual hair and makeup routine, especially when we are dealing with hot sunny climates. This creates a new problem, how do we look and feel good when the time we’d usually spend on our morning routine needs to be spent liberally applying suncream and making sure the little ones have hats on, etc. One of the ways many of us choose to showcase our style on holiday while encouraging the family to look after their eyes properly in the sun is through our sunglasses.

Sunglasses are a great, effortless way to flaunt our fashion sense and feel a little dressed up when everything else we are doing is dressed down for your relaxed family holiday. Whether you choose to go for a pair of mirrored aviators for that timeless look, a pair of Cat-eye frames for that fashionista feel, or a pair of horn-rimmed glasses for a sophisticated feel, sunglasses play an important role when it comes to our holiday style. (We really like the selection of horn-rimmed glasses on this site).

So why do you need a good pair of sunglasses on holiday?

While on holiday, our eyes are often exposed to a range of harmful things that they aren’t usually. The main thing is the sun. While on holiday, you are much more likely to sunbathe with your eyes in direct sunlight. Even with your eyes closed, this can cause damage very quickly. UVA and UVB can penetrate through your eyelids and begin to damage your sensitive eyes. Wearing a pair of sunglasses that are rated against the sun is the easiest way to combat this.

As well as protecting your eyes from the sun, sunglasses also help keep sand, dust, and smoke out of your eyes. These are all things that can irritate your eyes during the day so that by night times, you are suffering from sore or puffy eyes. Not a good look for anyone.

Lastly, a really underrated reason for having a great pair of sunglasses. If, like us, you often find yourself in need of a quick nap, having a great pair of sunglasses can help you catch a few z’s in bright locations more easily if you’re lucky enough to have the chance! If you’re behind on a few hour’s sleep and you have someone to watch the kids for 10 minutes before your flight or maybe on a long bus ride to that day’s activity, your stylish shades can be very handy when trying to slip off to sleep. 

How to pick the right sunglasses for your face shape?

Different styles of sunglasses suit different face shapes. Deciding whether you want to buy an oval, square, round, or oversized pair can be a bit of a hassle for those that do not know what styles suit their face best. Here is a quick guide.

Hopefully, we have shown you why it is important to replace those old tattered sunglasses for a new pair for your next family trip to the sun. Not only will you look more stylish and fashionable, but you will also protect your eyes from damage. Thanks for reading.

Featured Image by Ylanite Koppens from Pixabay