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The Top 6 Trending Sunglasses for Multiple Face Shapes

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The invention of sunglasses brought about the prevention of eye conditions that would arise in the future. The Chinese invented sunglasses in the 12th Century to prevent people from getting eye problems due to the direct UV rays of the sun. Over time, the glasses improved in quality and would even protect a person from wind, sand, and small debris such as dust. The climate change brought about by global warming has made many people wear sunglasses when the sun is up in the sky, with its rays hitting directly on the earth’s surface. Different people have different tastes in frames and reliable sunglass lenses depending on the shape of the person’s face, the quality of the lenses, the magnitude of UV protection, the Lens color, the structure’s design, and the frame’s color. These are just but a few. Various upcoming trending frames of sunglasses in the market have captivated the eyes of many. They include:

Oval Sunglasses

Oval-shaped sunglasses are suitable for individuals with triangular or square shape faces who would like to blend their faces’ sharp angles, including slanted jawlines. The frame makes someone’s face look rounder bringing out a sense of uprightness and nobleness.

Aviator Sunglasses

A pair of badass aviator sunglasses go handy with any outfit. The glasses tend to mimic the military disposition, thus bringing out a stance of braveness. Aviator sunglasses have a metallic color that creates a picture of a bold, elegant look. Aviator sunglass frames are one of the most preferred by many, especially men. Visit Shade Station to buy the best ever sunglasses according to your style.

Rectangle Sunglasses

Many people opt for rectangular frames since they perfectly blend with modern style outfits and the old vintage trend. The trendy sunglasses bring out some uniqueness in a person’s outfit due to their design and color. Rectangle sunglasses have been trending from the late 90s up to date. The frame has a reliable shape and hence can be worn by anybody.

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat eye Sunglasses can be worn by anybody, and thus they will always dominate the list of the most trending glasses. When worn, they bring out an appealing signature look, making it attractive for anyone who sets their eyes on someone wearing them. Women love cat-eye sunglasses due to the variety of shapes and colors that would match any of their outfits.

Round Sunglasses

Round sunglasses
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The glasses have a combination of oval and round shape lens. They bring a natural look to someone’s face, especially those with square faces. Round sunglasses bring out a weekend-mode vibe when worn due to the aura of confidence. This kind of frame is not worn by any ordinary human being as there is a way that it brings out some facial elongation which may, at times, not be pleasing to everyone. Round Sunglasses work best with neutral colors. Thus, those who love shouting colors may not opt for the above-frame lens.

Square Sunglasses

The contrasting sharp angles of square sunglasses are suitable for people with long faces, making their faces appear shorter and smaller. The glasses bring a trendy and stylish look to the person wearing them.

Anyone can purchase a variety of eye frames at any physical or online store. Buying glasses online is preferred by many since it is cheaper to buy, and you do not go through the hassle of moving around looking for a frame that suits your taste. Ordering glasses online allows you to get them delivered to your doorstep, which is more convenient. Online stores offer a variety of frame designs and colors a person can choose from.

Featured Photo by wu yi on Unsplash