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How Fashion Trends Have Changed Over the Years

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When it comes to fashion, everyone is different with the trends they go for and the styles they point blank refuse to get on board with. But if there is one thing that everyone can say about the world of fashion, it is that it is constantly changing and developing. Quite often, as the years go on, fashion trends are recycled and brought back. This is why classic vintage clothing is so in demand. 

For many people, fashion is about a whole lot more than just the clothes we wear. It is often entwined in social and political history. Fashion is often closely related to identity, and there is no better way to show who you are than through the styles and trends you follow. There is no denying that fashion has changed a lot in the last few decades. Here is everything you need to know about how fashion trends have changed over the years, including the styles to avoid and the trends to embrace. 


When you think of fashion from the 1950s, you most likely think of polka dot dresses, petticoats, and capri pants. But one of the most popular fashion trends from the 1950s was the hats. The trend started when Audrey Hepburn was regularly spotted wearing a hat to cover her short hair, and the style became super popular. Before this time, hats were seen as a fashion item for mainly men, so back in the 50s, this fashion trend was revolutionary. Additionally, the 1950s saw the rise of the cigarette case. Before we all discovered the dangers of smoking, everyone took up the habit, making cigarette cases the ultimate fashion accessory. 


For most people, the 60s symbolized the hippie movement and a time of transition in the US. From the summer of love in San Francisco to the civil rights movement, fashion was a vehicle for change. One of the most popular fashion trends from the 60s, which is still just as popular today, was tie-dye. It was an affordable and accessible fashion style, and it even gave people the opportunity to make their own clothes. Tie-dye became synonymous with freedom from oppression, and the 60s proved the theory that there is literally nothing that you can turn into a tie-dye accessory. From dresses to shirts, even shoes and scarfs, you name it, the 60s had it in tie-dye style. 

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The 1970s were just as bright and bold as the decade before it, from fur coats to bell bottoms. This was an important time for women, as they were starting to receive more freedom and liberty. For the fashion world, the 1970s really brought floral and checkered dresses for ladies into the limelight, and they have stayed popular ever since. In particular, midi skirts paired with fur coats and high boots were the go-to look for young women during that decade. 


Technology was the focal point for the majority of the 1980s, and with space shuttles taking off and the first personal computer being released, anything was possible. This probably explains some of the stranger fashion trends that this decade saw. For many people, the 1980s is symbolized by hammer pants. MC Hammer largely influenced this fashion trend, hence its namesake. While the iconic bump bag also rose to fame during the 1980s and is still used today, it is pretty safe to say we won’t be seeing a return of the hammer pants any time soon – hopefully! 


With the grunge and rave scenes firmly taking hold of the 1990s, this was reflected in the fashion trends. It was all about long shorts, double denim, and Doc Marten boots. Doc Martens are a timeless classic that is still just as popular today and is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon. 


A lot of fashion in the present day is based on trends from early decades. From grunge to blue denim jeans and floral dresses. Women’s clothing is now a huge mixture of trends and styles. However, the great thing about the recent changes in the fashion world is that it includes everyone. Whereas a few decades ago, it was clear what you should wear depending on your age and gender, fashion now gives everyone the opportunity to embrace and wear what they want and be who they are. 

With fashion trends always changing over the years and making a return, you never know when that item you have hanging in your wardrobe might come back in fashion. But when it comes to fashion, the main thing to remember is that you should always wear whatever makes you look and feel great! 

Featured Image by Harmony Lawrence from Pixabay