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How to clean chairs in few minutes (Step by step Guide)

Chairs are an important part of the furniture in our homes. They come in different colors, types, and materials. Fabric chairs bring a touch of elegance and sophistication to spaces, hence the importance of always keeping them clean and neat. When we buy an upholstered chair, and we see it in the store, we like it so much that when we place it at home, we would like to put some covers on it to always stay like the first day. However, cleaning fabric chairs is a simple task that requires constant care and maintenance. 

In this article, we will explain how to do upholstered chair cleaning without using heavy equipment. If you are looking to hire a cleaning company or if you are looking to learn how to clean upholstered or leatherette chairs, we will explain in this article the best methods and homemade tricks to do it. 

Cleaning of upholstered chairs

Fabric chairs are present in most homes. They can have different colors, designs, patterns, but do we really know how to properly clean fabric chairs?

Cleaning fabric chairs is not a complicated task; however, we often neglect it either because we do not know how it should be carried out or due to lack of time. Fabric or upholstered chairs add a touch of elegance or distinction to our home, which is why it is so important to take care of your image.

Fabric chairs are constantly exposed to external agents that can deteriorate their image. Upholstered chairs are usually placed around the dining room table where meals and family events take place. They are exposed to all kinds of food and drinks that can make them dirty; stains from wine, vinegar, oil, sauces, etc.

For this reason, it is not only important to know how to clean fabric chairs, but it is also necessary to know the importance of doing it frequently. It is important to clean cloth chairs regularly and constantly so that dirt does not accumulate and makes cleaning impossible.

As soon as a fabric chair becomes stained, it must be cleaned. It is not advisable to let time pass since the longer it is allowed to pass, the more the stain will settle on the fabric, making it difficult to clean.

The first step to cleaning fabric chairs: If you have been quick and start to clean the stain once the event has occurred, you can finish the stain just by moistening a microfiber cloth in water and rubbing the surface until it is removed. If it does not disappear, it means that the stain has already settled.

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Clean chairs with their label

First of all, to clean fabric or upholstered chairs, the first thing you should consider is the type of fabric it is made of. For this reason, we recommend that you look on the chair’s label for washing recommendations since the manufacturer will be the one who best knows the delicacy of the fabric of your upholstery.

  • Code W: When you want to clean fabric chairs with code W on their label, they are prepared for wet cleaning, which means that you can clean the upholstered chairs with water-based cleaners.
  • Code S: To clean upholstered chairs with code S, you must do it by dry cleaning.
  • Code X: These types of chairs are the most delicate, so you can only vacuum them for cleaning. If it has an X code, it indicates that the fabric is very delicate and that its image may deteriorate with the use of both dry cleaning products and water-based solutions.
  • If they do not have a code, my recommendation is to consult the manufacturer or first clean a small surface that is not very visible.

Home Trick

Milk is a perfect natural cleaner for cleaning chair upholstery.

  • Boil the milk: To start cleaning a fabric chair with milk, the first thing you should do is boil the milk in a saucepan. The heat will cause them to activate and release their enzymes.
  • Apply to the upholstered area: Once the milk has boiled, the next step will be to apply it to the chair’s stains.
  • Leave the product to act: After a few minutes of waiting in which the milk is acting on the stains, you can rinse the surface with water.
  • Wait until it has dried.


If you do not have enough time or have a very large space and are thinking of hiring a professional cleaning company, check google for the best option. It will recommend the best company that provides all kinds of technical, comprehensive, and maintenance cleaning services. If you like this article, then share it with your friends looking for a complete guide about chair cleaning.

Featured Image by Jean van der Meulen from Pixabay