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How To Get Your Bedroom Ready for Summer 2022

Your bedroom is where you relax and re-energize after a hard day’s work. It should therefore be as comfortable as possible. This becomes especially difficult during the summer when temperatures soar even at night. So, as you give your wardrobe and home a summer makeover, don’t forget your bedroom. Your bedroom doesn’t need a complete overhaul. Instead, give it a fresh look and add any gadget or equipment that can make it more comfortable.

Some steps you can take to prepare your bedroom for summer in 2022 include: 

Allow more light in

Find ways of increasing the amount of natural light in the bedroom. For example, you can replace the dark, heavy curtains with sheers. You can also consider natural window treatments that allow more light while keeping the heat at bay. Another option is to hang mirrors on your bedroom walls or use mirrored furniture. Mirrors are good at reflecting light without absorbing it. 

Condense and declutter

Since most people get a little inactive during winter and spring, there’s a possibility of clutter piling up. Disorganization and clutter can cause anxiety and stress while inhibiting creativity, making it difficult for you to relax. Additionally, clutter inhibits air circulation, making a room hot and even smelly.

Take time to walk around your bedroom and identify all the items you can get rid of or store elsewhere in the house. As you remove the items, you’ll create more room for air to circulate. If you don’t have storage space elsewhere, you can create a stylish hanging organizer or shelf to store some items. If you have some winter curtains and bedding to keep away, a vintage trunk can do you some good. 

Upgrade your bedding

You may not know it, but by simply changing the color scheme of your bedroom, you can make the room more comfortable. For example, you can replace the dark-colored winter bedding with light-colored ones for summer. Light-colored bedding will not only make the bedroom look elegant but will also make it cool by reflecting light.

Having different duvets for different seasons can make all the difference. It will give you a new look in the bedroom every season.

During summer, make sure you use cooling bedding like light-colored throw pillows, comforters, sheets, and other bedding like pillow cases.

Recreate your space

As already mentioned, you don’t need to renovate your bedroom completely, but you can make a few changes to make it more spacious and attractive. A bedroom isn’t just a place for luxury bedding. It’s a place where you can also enjoy working, reading your favorite books, and drinking a cup of coffee. 

You can choose one corner of your bedroom and convert it into a small office, complete with a side table and chair (or even a comfy loveseat). If the size of your bedroom allows, you could create a bookcase where you can keep your favorite books and magazines. Also, make sure you have a stand for your coffee and tea. The bedroom should be a place where you can relax when the outdoors is burning hot. 

Consider repainting the room

Repainting a room costs money, so you should do it only if you have some cash to spend. You can save the cost if you can do it on your own. Otherwise, you may need to hire a qualified painter. You can consider repainting the bedroom walls if they have dark colors. 

Light colors, like mirrors, reflect light rather than absorb it, meaning they can help keep the room cool and well-lit. Repainting will make your bedroom look brighter and cleaner. To create a summertime feel in your bedroom, go for bright red, pastel blue, light yellow, or even white. If you aren’t a fan of painting, you can use light-colored wall curtains. 

Bring in the outdoors

Even in hot weather, observing plants can bring a sense of coolness. You can bring the outdoors into your bedroom by buying some faux greenery and installing it in the room. Fake plant decor may make you feel like you enjoy what nature provides, and you won’t have to worry about watering or cleaning them. Since you’ll use the fake plants indoors, they won’t look as fake as if you were to use them outside. 

plant for the bedroom
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Invest in a cooling device

An AC is a good investment, but it can be costly. If you have one already, the better. You can sleep well in a cool environment, especially if the bedroom temperature is between 67 and 70 degrees. Your house should be cooler at night than during the day because you’ll likely be indoors. If you don’t have an AC in your bedroom, you can buy a cooling device in preparation for summer.

Many cooling devices are on the market today, but some are of poor quality. So, you have to ensure you buy one from a reputable brand. Some of these portable cooling devices, meaning you can move with them from one room to another. You can even buy a programmable cooler to help regulate the temperature in your bedroom.  

Buy a cool mattress.

Your luxury bed can only be comfortable if you pair it with a cool sleeping mattress. A mattress’s overall build and materials can either dissipate or retain heat. When the mattress and support pillow are hot, you can sleep well even if the environment is cool.  


A night of good sleep will determine your level of productivity and wellbeing. As summer approaches, your attention should shift to your bedroom. By following the tips above, you can be 100% sure you’ll have a restful sleep. If you plan to buy any item for your bedroom, do so early before the prices soar with high demand.

Before you retire to your bedroom during summer, make sure you pack away those flannel sheets and heavy blankets. It also pays to take a shower/bath before bed and to wear lightweight pajamas for a comfortable sleep.

Featured Image by Mark Hassed from Pixabay