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How to Travel as a New Mommy

Are you a new Mommy looking to get away and unwind? Maybe you’re already browsing blogs for the best places to visit in Costa Rica? If so, then read on to find out just how to make the most of travel under this new status quo!

If you’ve recently become a parent, then congratulations! No doubt you’re loving life, spending hours hugging your giggling little angel as you bond over daytime TV.

These are the best days of your life! Make the most of them.

That’s what you’re meant to say anyway. But for those of us who have actually experienced this ‘miracle’, it’s clear that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

There’s the vomit. And the poo. And the more vomit. There’s the screaming for no apparent reason in the middle of the night. And by the way, this isn’t just tiring and stressful – it’s emotionally traumatizing as you try to figure our why precisely your baby is crying and what you’ve done to them that is so terrifying.

Even when they do go down quietly, you then can’t sleep because you’re paranoid they’re going to stop breathing.

There are entire days where you get literally nothing done because you’re spending the entire time cleaning them up or rocking them to sleep. As in you don’t even change your clothes.

Then your partner comes home, and you yell at them because who else are you going to yell at? Then you both cry. But you’re still not going to get a break or any time to sleep.

This is why mom’s need a holiday.

BUT they also need to holiday in the right way. They need to holiday in a way that is going to ease up on the stress and not make it worse. In this post, we’re going to examine some of the ways you can do that and ensure your next trip makes you actually feel better.

Remember though, with all of the sickness and potential for injuries and even possibility of having to cancel your trip, travel insurance is definitely a good idea. You can get a travel insurance quote from any company, but make sure they have good reviews and are a legitimate insurance company.

family trip

Choose Location, Accommodation, and Timing Wisely

For your first trip as a family, you need to reign in that ambition – just a little bit.

That is to say, that you shouldn’t even think about taking a 10-hour flight across the world to a party resort. You can of course, and some people do. But if you’re feeling at all apprehensive then you just don’t need that stress!

Likewise, staying in a tiny, cramped hotel room is something of a mistake. Do this and you’ll have nowhere to change your baby, and you’ll find that piles of baby clothes rack up pretty quickly. More to the point, you won’t have anywhere to wash and dry those clothes!

Far better then is a villa, or AirBnB. In other words, somewhere that will give you more space and freedom. Self-catering is really useful – especially if your baby is eating solids – as it means you can get food in and not have to go out when you’re having a bad day.

Finally, think about when you are going to be traveling. Avoiding the school holidays is a very good idea, and generally going in the ‘off-season’ will mean things are quieter and more affordable.

Plan Activities, Don’t Do Too Much

So, what are you going to do while you’re here?

Choosing somewhere that is sunny and beautiful in its own right is a good idea to ensure that you can recharge your batteries and have a good time without having to travel out to do something.

At the same time, it’s a good idea to rent a car. This way, you won’t be relying on noisy, smelly, unreliable public transport in a country where you don’t know the language. Having a car means you can bring everything you need for your little one, and it means you can return home quickly if there is a crisis.

As for the activities themselves, try to avoid doing too much. The more you try and cram in, the more stressful the trip will be. Conversely, if you only do a few things, then you can rest in between and you can move around the days if you need to.

Research the area in advance and plan your trips. How will you get there? How long is the journey? Can you avoid queues by buying baby tickets?

You can find all this information online. The same goes for any other destination.

Useful Things to Bring

Baby accessories

Moms travel with huge amounts of baggage and countless clothes, wipes, folding gadgets, toys, and more.

But sometimes it’s finding the right item for your baby that can be game-changing. Here are a few items that you should absolutely consider bringing:

Baby Sling

A baby sling gives you a way to carry your baby close to you hands-free. Babies love hearing Mommy’s heartbeat and this is ideal for when they want to come out of the pram, but you still want to carry on looking around. It’s also useful for prepping food in the evening and countless other activities.


The baby bouncer is something that many Moms can’t do without. If you haven’t discovered this yet, then get one ASAP! A good bouncer will be nothing more than a light frame – nothing fancy – but it will still potentially seem a little large for bringing with you on trips. It’s worth it, trust me. So find a way!

Incontinence Mats

Incontinence mats are mats that you can lie on at night if you’re incontinent. These cover a large surface area and they soak up moisture. They also happen to be about 100X better than a changing mat. That’s because if your little one pees mid-change, they won’t then be swimming in a pool of their own urine. It also means the ground/bed underneath is significantly less likely to get ruined. They’re light and easy to travel with, so perfect for bringing on holiday with you!

Umbrella Buggy

This is simply a small buggy that is lightweight and potentially capable of folding. This is the type of buggy that is suitable for bringing onto planes and otherwise traveling with – and it will make getting around significantly easier.

Follow these tips, and hopefully, your next trip will leave you feeling recharged and maybe even somewhat human!

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