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Is Securing Admission at UCLA Possible for An Average International Student?

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is a public research institution founded back in 1882 in Westwood, Los Angeles. The university is famed as the US Education System’s prestigious, over 100-year-old institute. With a student-to-faculty ratio of about 18:1, the institute truly believes in the true essence of its “Let there be light” motto. It ensures that no compromise is made with the quality of the education given. The alumni have won 24 Nobel Prizes, 14 MacArthur Fellows at the university, 119 NCAA titles, and 261 Olympic medals. The university proudly adds to its recognition of the development of over 140 IT companies.  Many dreams of securing admission at UCLA.

It is the dream of several international students to get into the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) for various courses. Is securing admission at UCLA possible for an average international student? With an acceptance rate of only around 13% for international students, this institute could be one of the most selective in the USA. However, because UCLA does not only look at grades, an average international student can secure admission to the university provided he/she meets the eligibility criteria and the necessary funds for study and living. Indeed, you might need to consider turning to an essay helper at essayhub to boost your chances. If this is what you’re after, you may want to look at some of the best options when it comes to essay writing services for your scholarship essay. For instance, legitwritingservices shared a thorough overview of the best scholarship application writing services. Websites like that are more popular now than ever before, and some students use them for their advantage.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA): General Admission Requirements 


Study and study some more
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The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), receives over 1,00,000 applications each year. Therefore, gaining admission here is not very easy. Refer to the information provided below to know the requirements to submit a successful international student application. 

  • Academic transcripts of an official nature from every academic institute attended and higher secondary transcripts with at least a GPA of 3.0
  • Letters of recommendation
  • Resume or CV
  • Statement of Purpose
  • ACT/SAT scores for undergraduate courses and GMAT/GRE scores for graduate courses
  • English Proficiency Requirement: TOEFL: 80 (IBT), 550 (PBT), IELTS: 6.5 or an equivalent
  • Work Experience, if required

Students will be informed regarding their admission within 2 to 3 weeks. Note that selection is focused on both academic and non-academic aspects of the application. 

  1. Application Portal: You can make an online application at the official web portal
  2. Application Fee: 80 USD for the undergraduate level; 140 USD for the graduate level
  3. Application Deadline: The accurately filled application, along with supporting documents, must be submitted before November 20, 2020, for undergraduate courses and before December 1, 2020, for graduate courses. 

Courses Offered at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

  1. M.Sc Computer Science – Fees: 26,544 USD per year
  2. M.B.A – Fees: 65,114 USD per year
  3. M.Sc – Business Analytics: Fees: 78,470 USD per year
  4. M.Sc Mechanical Engineering – Fees: 26,544 USD per year
  5. B.Sc Geophysics – Fees: 11,220 USD for 1st year

Financial Requirements for University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)

An estimate of total financial requirements at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and the divisions of cost for international students are mentioned below. Ensure that you have these funds before applying for admission to this institute. Total Expenses – 65,545 USD

Breakdown of fees:

  1. University Fees – 13,239 USD
  2. Rooms and meals – 16,625 USD
  3. Books and supplies – 1,464 USD
  4. Transportation – 441 USD
  5. Personal expenses – 1,506 USD
  6. Health Insurance – 2,516 USD
  7. Tuition – 29,754 USD

How to Improve Chances of Acceptance at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA)?

How to Improve Chances of Acceptance at University of California Los Angeles
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1. Spend additional time on the essays

As these essays are the cornerstone of your qualification at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), it works to pay special attention to such prompts. 

2. Highlight the strengths of your extracurricular activities

Your grades and test scores would be set in stone by the time you make the application. Even though you will not have time to upgrade your extracurriculars, how you define your activities will significantly impact how they are received. Where do your activities blend into your larger objectives and narrative (also known as the Application Theme)? Ensure your activities and other application components are framed in a cohesive narrative.

3. Apply to the other UC schools 

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) is not a certainty for any applicant because of its low acceptance rate, even if you have significant standardized test scores, astounding extracurricular activities, and GPA far above the average GPA required by UCLA. If you are willing to join similar schools in slightly different places, applying to several UC schools would be your ticket to success. Both UC San Diego and UC Santa Barbara have good programs, and each has twice the UCLA acceptance rate.

What to do if GPA and Test Scores are below the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) requirements?

If you are lagging concerning the GPA criteria of UCLA, one of the best ways to boost your admission chances is to raise your standardized test scores. Moving the needle on standardized test scores is easier than GPA, particularly when you are an upperclassman. If your GPA is average, you can hardly adjust your aggregate GPA to boost your grades in a single semester. 

  1. As is GPA, standardized test scores are equally significant in the Academic Index.
  2. The Academic Index is a method used by admissions officers to screen applicants at selective colleges like UCLA. 
  3. UCLA is a competitive school. If you fall short in academic achievement, your admission case will greatly benefit if you show that you have worked hard and made the most of your opportunities. 

Finally, if cultivating a strong GPA is too late in your academic career, and there are no more opportunities to improve your standardized test scores, the best course of action is to make your essays as successful as possible. Your essays will help portray your application and allow you to provide more background for your lower academic stats arising out of any extenuating circumstances.

University of California Los Angeles (UCLA): Scholarships and Financial Aid 

Graduation is possible
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If you think you have a strong application but are falling short concerning financial resources, make use of the scholarships and financial aid available for international students to gain admission to UCLA. 

Scholarships for Undergraduate Courses:

  1. American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship – Amount: 6,000 – 25,000 USD.
  2. ICSP Scholarship at the University of Oregon – Amount: Tuition fee waiver worth 7,500 – 30,000 USD.
  3. Clark Global Scholarship Program: Amount: 15,000 – 25,000 USD per year.
  4. United World Colleges International Youth Scholarships: Amount: Full or partial fee waiver will be provided according to the funds available.

Scholarships for Graduate Courses:

  1. PEO International Peace – Amount: 12,500 USD.
  2. Obama Foundation Scholars Program – Amount: Complete tuition fee, monthly living expenses, funding for books, and course material.
  3. Civil Society Leadership Award: Amount: Tuition and travel expenses, living expenses, and a monthly stipend. 
  4. Fully Funded Rotary Peace Fellowships: Amount: Tuition and fees, room and boarding, round-trip transportation, and full internship and field-study expenses. 

Indeed, even as an average international student, it is possible to secure admission at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). You must have high standardized test scores, extracurricular achievements, and strong essays that speak well for your abilities, along with that, you will succeed at the highest level. Additionally, you must be able to fund your study and living for the duration of the chosen course at UCLA.  Securing admission at UCLA is possible for an average international student. As a busy student, don’t forget to take a break and see the local sights.

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