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Self Defense Tips to Level Up Your Personal Safety

Your personal safety and the safety of your family and other loved ones are probably some of your biggest concerns in life. Many of us go to great lengths to protect ourselves and the people we love – and rightly so. It can’t be ignored that everywhere we go, our safety is at risk. Realistically, robberies, hijackings, muggings, and other violent and aggressive crimes are real threats that could happen to anyone at any time, so it’s always better to be aware and prepared. Making yourself aware of potential risks and dangerous areas is important, and further, having a few tools and skills to protect yourself is never a bad idea. Here are some big and small ways that you can protect yourself and your family from harm. 

Personal Self Defence Devices

Rather than walking with your house keys between your fingers to use as a makeshift weapon, actually equipping yourself with protective and defensive tools is a far better option. Whether you’re a parent moving around town with kids, a single woman who has to walk home from work, or someone still in school, it’s never a good idea to leave yourself vulnerable. Investing in a product such as sabre red pepper gel can help to give you a little more confidence during your day-to-day activities and offer you great protection in the event of any attacks. Pepper gel is safer to use and has a further reach than regular pepper spray, which will allow you to defend yourself from a distance. However, if regular pepper spray is the only available device, you can go to an online pepper spray store to buy it. Some other personal defense devices you could look into are tasers and personal alarms, which are a great option for when you’re in a busy, public space. These are all nonlethal devices that can still do significant damage to stall or immobilize attackers while being completely legal and safe to use. 

Smart Home Security System

Many people have a home alarm system at their house – this is a great safety net to help protect your home and family from any break-ins or attackers. However, if you want next-level safety at your home, you should look into a smart home security system. When your entire home is connected with a smart device, you can access loads of info and helpful tools via apps on your mobile phone. When you integrate a security system into your smart home, you’ll be able to manage alarm systems remotely, have a 24-hour view of your home (indoor or outside), and even control locks on doors and windows from wherever you are. You could even control lighting inside and outside your house to ensure that your property is always well-lit. Using a smart home is a great way to achieve peace of mind and optimal safety for you and your family.

Glass Break Detector

Another improvement to the security in your home can be made by installing a glass break detector. This sensor detects the frequency of breaking glass to alert you of intruders before they manage to break in. The sensor can send an alert to your mobile device or sound an alarm (or both) to let you know if it picks up any frequencies from shocks and vibrations from these kinds of break-in attempts, allowing you to know what’s going on and alert authorities or security companies quickly and easily, hopefully before any intruders even manage to get into your home. 

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Security in Your Car

Staying safe on the road is another priority. This means driving carefully and wearing your seatbelt at all times – but what about potential attacks on the road? Some anti-hijacking systems work by enforcing a time delay in the car’s operation. Others use remote activation, immobilizing the car via a radio signal once a call center has been contacted. Both of these methods will prevent thieves from getting away with your vehicle. Still, there are other ways that you can protect your personal safety in your car, such as with a protective film over your car windows to prevent smashing and by ensuring that your doors are locked at all times. 

Self-Defence Classes

Knowing that you can protect yourself is the best form of self-confidence you can get, and taking up self-defence classes will benefit your mind, body, and safety. These classes will teach you different techniques and how to react in certain scenarios and develop quick reflexes so that you react quickly instead of panicking during an attack. Further than this, self-defense classes can improve your fitness, balance, and awareness, which are all great added benefits. 


The concept of being aware has different levels. The first level relates to knowing your surroundings and the area in which you live. Get to know your neighbors and who lives in your area. This also implies having an idea of which areas in your city are crime hotspots, times, and areas that it’s unsafe to walk alone and even knowing what’s going on in the news. The second level of awareness comes down to moment by moment. It’s important for your personal safety that you are always alert and prepared when walking, shopping, or even simply getting out of your car. A simple moment of not being focused on your surroundings could land you in trouble. 

A Bolted Safe

Now, this is a final addition to the list with the safety of your valuables in mind, rather than your personal safety. However, we all have certain items that we value deeply, whether for monetary or sentimental reasons. There is nothing wrong with wanting to protect those items too! A home safe is a great way to do that, and there are a few different options you could consider. You could hide a safe in a cupboard or have one installed permanently in your home – these cannot be removed, and if an intruder tries to remove it, an alarm can be set to go off to alert you and the authorities. 

Featured Image by inna mikitas from Pixabay