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Tips and Tricks for Staying Safe with No Contact Move!!!

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Corona Virus pandemic has changed the entire world. For a few months, everyone has lived inside their homes and do not come out from their homes. But it is not possible to live inside your home all the time. Things are getting normal with each passing day, and people have started their normal routines while taking some precautions like no contact with other people. If you have decided to move during the corona pandemic, then there are some precautions that you should take to stay safe during the entire process. You must compare state to state movers, ensure good sanitation practices, and ensure that you take all the mandatory precautions. 

Yes, it is quite a complex task to move in such circumstances, but you can do it with ease with the help of professionals. But for this, you require proper planning and have to do everything within the right time. You need to stay organized during the entire process. Check out this list of tips and tricks to move with social distancing and keeping yourself safe from viruses. 

1. Take the virtual 3D tours before the move 

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When it comes to finding a perfect home at the new location, it is recommended you take the help of the internet rather than visiting the place many times. Take a virtual 3D of the new place while sitting at your home and get all the information. 

2. Choose the moving company carefully 

When you choose a moving company, you should ask them many questions, like how they provide safe moving services during the corona pandemic. Apart from all the other things that we used to look at before, like professionalism, the experience of working, and expertise, make sure you also understand the terms of the safety precautions the movers are taking. 

3. Check the moving policy of the company during the corona pandemic

During the COVID-19 times, all the moving companies have specified what precautions they are taking under the corona pandemic. They have set their practices of operation. Make sure you get to know their protocols and sanitization methods before you hire a moving company to have a no-contact move. Moving has become even more stressful and difficult than before; therefore, it is recommended you to extra precautions for it, so you don’t get caught in any problem later. 

4. Virtual moving quotes 

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With the help of the internet, everything has become easier for all of us. No contact with any person is the best way to stay safe. A virtual moving quote is an alternative to when a person makes a physical visit to your home to get to know the stuff you have to move. When you are giving a virtual tour to the professional, make sure all the house lights are switched on. Don’t forget to open all the closets and cabinets to let the professional know about the stuff you have so that they can provide you an accurate moving quote according to the stuff you have. Besides that, keep the WiFi signal strong when taking the professional on a virtual tour to your home. 

5. Get a no contact move services 

As per reports, avoiding contact with other people is the best and the most effective way to reduce the virus’s spread. That is the reason there are certain moving companies offering no-contact moving services so that you can keep you and your family safe during the corona pandemic. The customer has been given the instructions with the internet’s help. The customer doesn’t need to be present for delivery. You have to handle the keys to the new home to have a contact-free move. 

Take some additional precautions during the corona pandemic move!!!

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  • Now, you should avoid using recycled boxes. It is recommended you to use the new boxes.  
  • When the movers load and unload the items, you should keep 6 feet distance from the professional movers. You should also practice social distancing.  
  • Use disinfectant wipes to clean surfaces to get rid of the virus before loading and unloading. Therefore you would not pass the virus to the new home as you disinfect all the furniture items before loading the items. 
  • Keep the hand wash more frequently and use the sanitizer for proper safety while doing the moving-related tasks. 
  • You should greet the movers with a smile instead of a handshake. Avoid touch to anyone or any surface as much as it is possible and have a no-contact move. 
  • Practice all the CDC recommendations to stop the coronavirus’s spread, and some of these are wearing masks, avoid touching any surface, limiting the sharing of items, especially snacks and food items with anyone. 

Use these additional precautions to ensure the complete safety of you and your entire family. I hope this guide prepares you to fight COVID-19 as you relocate to a new place. As avoiding the move may not be an option for you, taking due protection is what can keep you safe.

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