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101 Days of Christmas: Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

The following post is from Kacey of Next Level Mama: Tips for Storing Christmas Decorations

After the last of the wrapping paper has been thrown away and you’ve eaten Christmas leftovers until you can’t eat anymore, the really fun part about the holidays is taking down all the decorations and storing them away. OK, so maybe it’s not that fun. However, we don’t want you to be that neighbor with Christmas decorations still up deep into the spring and summer months!

Here are a few tips to get you packing like a pro:

1. Write down notes about your Christmas setup. For example, which items you used and where, which decorations were a hit and which weren’t, etc.

2. Take pictures. Before taking down your decorations, capture snapshots of them to make next year’s decorating a breeze.

3. Create an inventory listBe sure to note any items you’d like to buy or replace and anything that needs to be repaired. You can use this list for shopping after Christmas sales and before you put up decorations next year.

4. Toss out anything you won’t use again. Start separate trash and donate piles, and don’t be afraid to use either. If you haven’t used an item in several years, think twice before storing it again for yet another year.

5. Clean decorations before storing. Dust off ornaments and wreaths. Wipe down outdoor decorations. Wash or dry clean table cloths and linens.

6. Group-like items for easy retrieval next year. You can do this by grouping like-colored ornaments, decorations by room, or similar types of items.

7. Pack items you’ll need at the beginning of December separately. If you start your Christmas decorating after December 1st, be sure to pack items such as advent calendars, Elf on the Shelf, Christmas CDs, etc., separately.

8. Wrap candles in solid-colored paper to prevent color bleeding. 

9. Pack fragile items in bubble wrap, tissue paper, or other packing material. Or wrap them in old plastic bags.

10. Remove any batteries before packing.

11. Store items using what you already have. Yes, all those aisles of pretty, color-coordinated storage containers are tempting, but the cost can also add up. If new containers aren’t in your budget, upcycle items you already have in your home, such as:

  • Sturdy shoe boxes – ornaments and small decorative items, bows
  • Plastic storage bags – ornament ties, small ornaments, garland, hooks
  • Grocery sacks – glitter decorations, ornaments, small baskets, candles, treetop ornaments
  • Garbage bags – wreaths, garland, tabletop trees
  • Cardboard boxes – lights, ornaments, Christmas stockings, books, timers

12. Label each container. Use sticky notes, printable labels, index cards, or masking tape to write the list of items in each of your containers. Follow this step-by-step plan for organizing your Christmas decorations.

Create labels for your Holiday Storage

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