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Which Styles of Catholic Jewelry Align Best with Modern Fashion Trends?

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Fashion is a constantly changing aspect of human life, and we have seen various infusions in fashion trends over the centuries. Religion is one of the many cultural influences that has impacted fashion, and recently, even the relatively conservative and exclusive Catholic traditions are finding their way into mainstream fashion. 

As if there was any need for proof of the secularization of Catholicism, the Met Gala in 2018 featured many celebrities incorporating symbolic Catholic apparel and artifacts in their appearance at the fashion show. Nowadays, it’s not just designers and models who have taken such ‘bold’ steps, but also anyone who loves to incorporate elements of Catholic rosaries, medallions, and rings in regular, everyday dressing. 

Catholic jewelry is fast becoming a part of modern fashion, so why don’t you add some to your dresser? Here are some of the Catholic jewelry gaining ground in the fashion world and the best styles you can wear them in.

Everything Crosses!

It’s safe to say that crosses are by far the most common Catholic jewelry out there, and they have been the most secularized, too. You can find crosses on just about any accessory, from necklaces to earrings and even rings, and the best part is that they go with most outfits, depending on the color and size.

Selena Gomez and Kim Kardashian are prominent Hollywood celebrities who have adopted cross necklaces and pendants in recent times. Demi Lovato and Emilia Clarke have also been spotted with cross earrings and in oversized, statement sizes, no doubt. The cross earrings have smaller variants that might be better suited to official and less flamboyant outfits. An added attraction of the cross earrings is that they give off a vintage aura and can be used as base jewelry, in case you would like to layer other forms on it.

And if you are not exactly outlandish with your jewelry but want to join the cross trends, you can still add cross rings to your dresser. The cross rings are best sellers in many jewelry stores because they signify many things, from Christian devotion to chastity and even deep devotion between couples. Also, you can rock your rings without calling for attention, a simple addition to your outfit that fits everywhere, every time.

The cross necklaces are available in opal and dainty gold or coupled with smaller medals, and the studs are typically gold.

Gem-Studded Catholic Necklaces 

Most religious pieces of jewelry feel bland, especially when they are themed in one color. Adding extras like precious stones creates a hybrid, more modern appearance so that you can rock your Catholic jewelry with the recent fashion trends.

Pearl necklaces are quite the rave and have been a constant feature in dress trends over the years. So, it’s not surprising to find that certain Catholic jewelry are made out of pearl stones or have pearls added to them to increase their appeal.

The Blessed Mother of Pearl bracelet is one piece to look out for while you’re jewelry shopping. The golden chain attachment complements the pearl medal and is a perfect addition to go with your daily outfits. If you would prefer necklaces, there is also the pearl-studded Mary Medallion, featuring pearl stones embedded in a golden medal.

Apart from pearls, there are turquoise-studded Mary Medallion necklaces, giving the extra bluish option in case you are not a fan of pearls. There are also amber variants of the Blessed Mother necklace, increasing your options for combining your favorite Catholic jewelry with your outfits in the most fashionable ways.

Heart-themed Catholic Jewelry

There are various Catholic themes surrounding the heart and love, and there are pieces of jewelry to go with such themes. First are the Corazon Sagrado earrings and necklace, which feature golden fiery hearts held together by golden chains and bands. If you love a statement heart necklace or earrings, you’d never go wrong with one of those.

The Divine Mercy necklaces and earrings are somewhat simpler, with a heart depicted with rays on a gold medal, and they present a suitable option for their ‘louder’ Corazon Sagrado accessories. You can also get heart-shaped necklaces depicting the Sacred Heart and various engravings of Mary.

Mary-themed Accessories

One popular Catholic teaching is to honor Mary, and most Catholic jewelry is very expressive of that. There are many sculptures and statues dedicated to Mary—Our Lady of Lourdes, Our Lady of Guadalupe, and so on—and believe us when we say they are all well-represented in gold and precious stones. 

There is a wide collection of Mary-themed accessories to select from. Necklaces, pendants, rings, studs, and rosary bracelets all feature images and engravings of Mary in varying colors. The Our Lady of Lourdes necklaces, rings, and studs come in gold, heavenly pink, white, and French Blue, while Our Lady of Guadalupe accessories are available as bracelets and pink/white necklaces. At any rate, you’d end up with several combinations of Mary-themed accessories for your evening and office outfits.

Rosaries have been a touchy area in the fashion world, where some believe that they are essentially prayer items and not fashion accessories. There is little reason not to wear them, however, and, like other jewelry, there is a variety to choose from. Rosaries are available as rings and bracelets, and you can get rosewood, rose quartz, or aquamarine bracelets, while the rings are mostly available as gold. 

Parting Words

For much of history, Catholic jewelry was pretty conservative. But like every fashion item, its infusion into regular, everyday dressing doesn’t come as a surprise. Today, Catholic jewelry has made its way to the spotlight of modern fashion, and there’s a lot more in stock. So, go ahead and throw in a few cross rings, medallions, and necklaces to match your outfits, and you’ll be in for a full glow-up. If catholic jewelry isn’t your system check out Aurate for some great earrings.