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What Parents Need to Know About Blue Light

Parents are always concerned about the health of their children. This is why they try to limit dangerous behaviors while simultaneously encouraging positive lifestyle habits. However, we are all aware that many children will spend hours each day interacting with modern electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, and laptop computers. Although you are likely already aware of the health risks attributed to more sedentary habits, you might not have heard of another hazard known as blue light.  This article discusses what parents need to know about blue light.

Blue light is a specific wavelength that is emitted from the many smartphone and laptop screens. While it cannot be seen, several recent studies suggest that it may be linked to some health concerns. Let’s first take a look at why parents should be slightly concerned before moving on to examine an excellent option that can benefit children of all ages.

What Health Effects Can Blue Light Cause?

Kids and blue light
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One of the main issues is that this type of light from a screen is invisible to the naked eye. This is because its wavelengths are found towards the end of the blue spectrum (hence the name). However, the concept of “out of sight, out of mind” is a dangerous mindset to embrace. Scientists have linked blue light with some surprising (and possibly serious) health concerns such as:

  • Children who are unable to fall asleep at night.
  • Unexplained eye strains and headaches.
  • Broken sleeping patterns.
  • Tiredness and a lack of motivation throughout the day.

Although this type of light can cause the same symptoms in adults, we should stress that children and adolescents are particularly susceptible. This is why parents should appreciate how they can protect their children from such hidden dangers.

Can Certain Types of Glasses Help?

Protecting the eyesight of your child at an early age is the best way to prevent long-term effects. This is why a growing number of parents have been choosing to provide their little ones with a pair of blue light glasses. These glasses are unique in what they can accomplish. While allowing in natural light, their lenses have been engineered in such a manner as to effectively block the vast majority of blue light wavelengths. Not only are such glasses lightweight and extremely comfortable, but they have been designed with modern styles in mind. Therefore, your children will love their appearance, and as a result, they will be much more likely to embrace their presence. Developing proper habits at a young age is critical, especially when it comes to sleep and eye health.

Most experts predict that children will be spending even more time in front of electronic devices in the coming years. Thus, it only stands to reason that the hazards of blue light are set to increase. Parents should, therefore, seriously consider the use of specially constructed glasses. These will provide children with adequate levels of protection, and as a result, they can develop a “clear” vision of their future. 

Featured Photo by Diego Passadori on Unsplash