101 Days of Christmas: Wrapping Paper Bows

Who needs store-bought bows with so many handmade bows to choose from? I first heard of making wrapping paper bows when Amanda from OhAmanda.com posted her gift wrap bows tutorial a few years ago, but it wasn’t until this year that I got around to trying them for myself. I’m not sure why I waited […]

101 Days of Christmas: Woven Star Ornaments

I first saw these ornaments at The Crafty Crow last  year, and we had planned to make them with friends until the flu hit our house a couple weeks before Christmas, so we never got to them. They are really so sweet and simple, though, and my girls are really into fiber crafts right now […]

101 Days of Christmas: Star Garland

My girls love to make paper garlands out of various shapes, and this star garland is perfect for the holidays! The key with paper garlands is to make sure that you don’t cut out the edge of your design but rather use it to attach the pieces together. {You could just tape stars together instead, […]

101 Days of Christmas: Burlap & Button Bows

These burlap & button bows could not be simpler to make, but they are so, so darling! Really, you could use this method to make bows out of virtually any material, but as you’ll soon discover, I’m a bit obsessed with burlap this year. Honestly, I’ve always loved burlap, but I was kind of intimidated […]

101 Days of Christmas: Yarn Pompoms

Pompoms can be used for a variety of projects, and there’s no better time to make them than during the Christmas season! They’re actually really simple and easy, and once you know how, you’ll be able to make them in any size or color. Add pompoms to Christmas gifts in place of bows, hang them […]

101 Days of Christmas: Milk Carton Ice Candles

Confession: While my husband remembers pretty much every detail of his life from the time he was two years old, I have a terrible memory, just remembering snippets here and there rather than specifics. Because of this, I hold the memories I do have tightly, and these candles are on that list. I can clearly […]

101 Days of Christmas: Stocking Letters

I’ve been inspired over the last year by other moms who have shared how they write handwritten notes to their kids for various occasions. I haven’t been very good at journaling or scrapbooking or even writing notes until now, but I love the idea of adding a note to their stockings each year so that […]

101 Days of Christmas: Paper Snowflakes

I love making paper snowflakes. There’s something magical about creating a design you can’t actually see and trying to picture how each cut will look when it’s finally unfolded.They never look quite like I expect, and — like the real things — each one is unique. My girls love to make them as well, and […]

101 Days of Christmas: Fabric Flowers

I’ve seen so many fabric flower projects but never taken the time to make my own until recently. My mom and I made these fabric flowers to go on this year’s Christmas wreath (post coming soon!), and they are surprisingly easy to make. Use fabric flowers on wreaths, in place of bows on gifts or […]