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Exercise in College | Why Students Need to Work Out More

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We have all heard countless times how regular exercise is good for our mental and physical health. However, most college students struggle with hectic schedules and live largely sedentary lifestyles. Lack of exercise can have serious health implications. That said, recent surveys show that as many as 35% of college students could be overweight or obese. If you are busy and are wondering whether you need to dedicate time for physical activity, read this article. Here, we outline why college students need to exercise regularly. 

Exercise Helps with Weight Management 

Recent studies show that most first-year students are likely to gain weight. The phenomenon, referred to as freshman fifteen, suggests that most students put on weight and set a trend that could spell problems in the near future. Evidence suggests that, on average, students gain about ten pounds within the first two years on campus. 

College presents numerous temptations to live unhealthily. Students live independently, free to plan their meals and control their schedules. You can choose to live on French fries and sugary drinks and would not be reprimanded for it. You may also decide to live a sedentary lifestyle. 

College is also a time of transition, and the frustrations that come with moving from home may lead students to overeat. Research shows that some people practice poor eating habits due to stress and anxiety. Homesickness and sadness are some of the reasons why most students eat unhealthily. 

Evidence shows that combining exercise and a healthy diet is highly effective for managing weight. Exercise can help by increasing metabolism, which speeds up how many calories your body can burn in a day. The process of burning calories through exercise, combined with reducing the calories consumed through the diet, generates a calorie deficit that results in weight loss. Although most weight loss occurs due to reducing the number of calories consumed, the only way for students to maintain the weight loss is through regular exercise. 

Exercise Improves Focus 

Are you struggling to focus when studying? Evidence shows that taking a few minutes to exercise each day could help greatly. Exercising for just two minutes can temporarily improve your memory. When you exercise for longer periods, you get to improve your cognitive function by more than two hours. 

Evidence shows that physical activity changes brain functions by decreasing the thickness of grey matter in children. This is linked to improved math ability. Exercise also enhances blood flow to the brain, resulting in improved neuroplastic function. Regardless of your age category, improved blood flow to the brain improves memory function. If you don’t have enough time for exercise, create room by asking for assignment help from an essay writing service online. 

Exercise Boosts the Immune System 

The human immune system does that hard task of defending the body against disease-causing organisms. However, from time to time, the immune system fails in this task, and germs succeed in making people sick. Recent studies have explored the possibility of boosting the immune system through natural processes. 

The notion of boosting someone’s immune system has remained elusive for several reasons. For instance, the immune system is a system that comprises several entities and requires balance to function optimally. Your first line of defense when it comes to boosting your immune system is to choose a healthy lifestyle. This means exercising regularly and consuming healthy diets. 

Exercise Improves the Quality of Sleep 

One of the most important reasons to exercise regularly is to improve the quality of your sleep. According to research, getting enough sleep is important for optimal concentration and academic performance. Most college students struggle with poor sleep hygiene for various reasons. Evidence shows that exercise makes you tired, increasing the speed at which you fall asleep at bedtime. In the end, quality sleep improves your concentration in class and enhances your overall productivity. 

Exercise Boosts Academic Performance 

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There is a link between physical activity and improved academic performance. According to research, cardio exercise enhances an individual’s blood circulation to the brain. With enough oxygen supplied to the brain, your cognitive function improves, thereby improving your memory and performance in tests. The point here is that exercising regularly makes your memory sharper. It can also increase the number of cells in the hippocampus, enhancing your ability to remember things. 

This article summarizes a few reasons why college students need to exercise regularly. It reduces stress, improves the immune system, and enhances concentration. Exercise also plays a crucial role in weight management. The effects of a physically active lifestyle last long after graduation. 

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