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101 Days of Christmas: Themed Gift Baskets

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source: The Grocery Cart Challenge

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Confession: I have a thing for gift baskets!

There’s just something about picking a theme and finding the right combination of items to fill a basket or bag or box or stocking that makes me really happy.

I think it’s because the gift basket format gives you the ultimate ability to customize a gift and look for little meaningful things to add rather than having to choose just one gift!

Here are some of my favorite gift basket themes:

Family Movie Night

Popcorn, candy and a Redbox gift card are the base of this basket. Depending on your budget, add pretty paper cones or nice ceramic popcorn bowls. You could also pick a specific movie instead of the gift card and add fun accessories like 3D glasses for the whole family.

Pamper Kit

You’ll soon realize that one of my favorite bases for a gift basket is actually not a basket at all. I absolutely love Lands’ End basic totes and have several for myself, but I also use these to make a variety of gifts, including a special pamper kit. Start with a tote and add any combination of the following:

  • lotion, body butter, sugar scrub cubes
  • slippers, pajamas, eye mask
  • candles
  • book
  • chocolate

Crafts on the Go

Another fun tote bag gift is to pack it full of craft supplies and tools. You could do this for an adult or child or even as a family gift for several children. For my grandmother last year, I filled a tote with a fun crochet book, some yarn and some new crochet needles. I know she loves to crochet, and it’s fun to see some of the designs from that book in the things she makes! You could do the same thing with scrapbook supplies, knitting, embroidery or drawing or just put together a mix of craft supplies for creative kids!

Blast from the Past Basket

Fill a basket with nostalgia from your recipient’s childhood — candy, lunch boxes, books and figures. This is especially fun when you share those memories, but I also enjoyed finding my dad’s favorite candy a couple years ago and surprising him with it!

Snow Day Fun

How about a basket full of snow day fun? A snowman kit, a snowball maker, some mugs plus homemade hot chocolate mix. You could add cute mittens and hats, the ingredients for making cookies, and some of your favorite family read alouds as well. Or how about cones and syrup for homemade snow cones or a recipe for snow cream?

What’s your favorite gift basket theme? Do you share my love of gift baskets?

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