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Affordable Gifts that Will Make Your Long-Distance Friends Feel Like You’re Right Next Door

The distance between loved ones is never easy. Sometimes, it can feel like a physical impossibility for birthdays and holidays. But that doesn’t mean you have to go without your loved ones on these special days. The best presents for long-distance friends are those that will make them feel close and remind them of you. Many great gifts won’t break your bank account but will still produce the same emotional benefits as pricier gifts. So add these affordable presents to your shopping list this year and make your long-distance friends feel like they’re right next door!

Gifts that will make them feel close

Do you want to send your long-distance friend something they’ll be excited to open? Perhaps a gift that will let them feel like you’re right next door? There are many options for those difficult-to-shop-for friends and family members who are too far away.

One of the best types of gifts is an edible one. Online companies can deliver cookies, fruit baskets, and even wine to your loved one’s doorstep! If food isn’t their thing, there are many other options. Flower delivery services are simple and easy to use nowadays, and they can bring your friends so much joy. Gifts such as clothing and home decor often work well for long-distance friends since they can easily incorporate the item into their regular life. 

The best part about these gifts is tailoring them specifically for the person receiving them. You know what they like, so why not find out their favorite color or style of clothes they wear? You can find fantastic deals on these items online through Amazon or eBay. Even if you don’t have much time before a big event, you can still find plenty of affordable presents for long-distance friends who require a little TLC over the holidays.

Gifts they’ll never forget

One of the best gifts to give a loved one who lives far away is something they’ll never forget. But that doesn’t mean that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on them. Instead, many excellent, affordable presents will make your friends feel close and remind them of you. Every long-distance friend needs a good gift at least once a year. And if it’s from you, they’ll be doubly excited.

One great present for long-distance friends is an experience. Treat your friend to drinks, dinner, or some other wild adventure, then meet up over Skype or FaceTime to hear about what they got up to. You could also plan a trip with your friend and visit them in their hometown for the day, or even just for an hour or two. It’s a special treat that won’t break the bank!

It’s important to remember the little things, too! Send your friend who lives far away some local treats from where you live, like coffee beans from your favorite coffee shop or chocolate bars made in your state. These can help them be reminded of their old home. Even if they don’t get around to eating them right away, they’ll remember how much thought you put into it when they’re home missing their friends and family!

Gifts they’ll actually use

Gifts your long-distance friends will use and appreciate are the best presents to get. You want a gift they can use daily, especially if it reminds them of you! Some ideas for affordable gifts for long-distance friends include personalized items like mugs, keychains, t-shirts, and phone cases. Things like these will make your long-distance friends feel closer to you and remind them of you daily.

One of the best ways to add budget-friendly gifts to your shopping list is to give them some homemade goodies; this could be something as simple as cookies in a jar or some homemade soup. Of course, this will depend on how far away they live and if perishable items will get to them in time. The more effort you put into these presents, the more they’ll mean to your friend who’s far away!

Gifts to get them hooked on your favorite things

One of the best ways to get a long-distance friend hooked on your favorite things is by sending them something you know they’ll love, but that applies to one of your interests. Introducing them to new experiences will make them feel like they’re right at home when they’re not! 

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For example, imagine if you send your long-distance friend a subscription to Netflix or Hulu. This way, they can enjoy their favorite shows and movies when they want or need them. These affordable subscriptions provide an excellent experience because they’re tailored to your friend’s preferences. Introducing this idea as a gift is a creative way to keep your loved one close despite your distance. Plus, it’s a sneaky way to get more people to talk to about your favorite things!

The perfect gifts for every personality type

The best gifts often suit a person’s personality to a tee. With long-distance friends, this is even more important. You want to make sure you’re giving them the right gift. One of the most popular gifts among long-distance friends is plants. They’re especially great for people who don’t have a green thumb because they require little maintenance and last for years. 

Flowers are also a good option as they can be delivered or sent in the mail just like any other package. If they aren’t a plant fan, a gift card is another great option that can allow your friend to purchase something from their favorite store or restaurant and have it shipped directly to them as well!

The tech-savvy friend

If your friend is tech-savvy, they will love the gift of a new gadget. This can be anything from an Amazon Echo to a Fitbit to the latest Apple Watch. The best part about these gifts is that no matter what type of tech-savvy person you’re shopping for, there’s a gift out there for them. But, of course, if you aren’t tech-savvy yourself, there are plenty of online lists to help you out.

Remind them of home

You can also get them something that reminds them of you or your hometown. For example, maybe they miss the taste of fresh apple pie in the fall like they had when they were younger. So get them an apple pie mix to remind them of home and send it to their door with instructions on baking it themselves. Another gift idea for long-distance friends is sending them a care package from your place. For example, if you live near the beach, send your friends gifts that remind them of the beach! Send them flip-flops, sunscreen, and vacation-themed bath products like suntan oil and lip balm so they’ll feel like they’re right at the beach with you.

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