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How to Best Present Your Photos at Home

We are firmly in the age of photographs — on phones and devices and tablets and in albums. And how lucky we are to be. Photos present the opportunity to look back on and relive memories of good times with loved ones. Most of us want our photos out on display where we can see them often and smile at the recollection, but if we have lots or not much wall space, things can quickly seem cluttered, with seemingly random pictures everywhere you look in no discernible sense of order. Of course, as photos have grown in popularity, people have risen to the challenge creatively. There are now loads of ways to display your memorable snaps without filling your home entirely or feeling as though things are crowded. Read on for more on how best to present your photos at home.

Hang Photos

Putting your photos up on spare wall space can give you a smile every time you enter a room, reminiscing on old memories and times that brought joy. Often, those who rent or others who cannot nail into walls may think they can’t decorate their walls, but that’s simply not the case! Picture rails by Picture Hanging Systems can be simply slotted onto existing decorative rails, while there are lots of options on the market for removable sticky pads to hold frames in place. Why not try creating a gallery wall or sorting photos into a pattern for a memorable design?

Shelve Photos

Almost every home has shelves or a shelving unit. Stand-up frames can be used to create an excellent shelfie design or even photos stacked to create a gallery-style casual display. Use your shelves to create an interior feature rather than just a standard storage space and play around with different shapes and sizes of photos to make your room unique. There are different ways to enlarge old photos that usually came in small sizes. For more unusual interior aesthetics, try hanging shelves in other arrangements or stagger them at different heights, and don’t just display photos of all one size.

Sort Photos

Photo albums are often considered a little out-of-date nowadays, but with most of us hosting our photos on a digital device, they’re a great alternative — and they make brilliant gifts! Taking the time to create photo albums for different occasions, trips, events, or anniversaries can be heartwarming and makes for fantastic hand-me-downs for younger family members to admire in the future. Albums full of photographs can quickly become family heirlooms and bring great comfort to people in years to come.

Scrapbook Photos

If you have prints of your photos, why not get crafty and create a scrapbook or memory book? These make for beautiful handmade souvenirs and can be punctuated with ticket stubs, decorations, pamphlets, handwritten notes, postcards, and other souvenirs. Scrapbooks are particularly popular for documenting the arrivals of new babies or illness journeys — things that people may find difficult to look at every day on a wall or display but still want to remember and represent in some way, shape or form. Scrapbooks with decorative covers can be displayed on bookshelves or coffee tables for the ultimate photo admiration session whenever you’re ready!

Photographs are, for most of us, treasured memories. It does none of us any harm to take our heads out of our devices once in a while. Look away from our screens and remember and smile in the natural, analog world. Print yours, try some of the above suggestions, and see what works best for you. You can be an interior designer and a crafter in no time at all. Share your photos with others.

Featured Photo by Jonny Caspari on Unsplash